[Mcm2Ada] Mars rovers - the study of the Red Planet

January 4, 2004 the first of two Mars rovers arrived on Mars. The aim of the research mission was to study the surface in order to determine whether Mars ever water, which in our understanding is fundamental to life. The rover is on the Red Planet for nearly eight years and reached their destination.

(18 photos)

1. .

2. The rover is on the Red Planet for nearly eight years and has reached the destination, the crater Endeavour, in August 2011.

3. Western extremity of the crater Endeavour. Photo released August 10, 2011.

4. To reach the crater, the rover took nearly three years. His speed is 0.00037 miles per hour. Photo released August 9, 2011.

5. Crater Endeavour, whose width is 14 miles. Photo released August 9, 2011.

6. Photo crater Endeavour, made by August 4, 2011.

7. Photo taken rover September 6, 2010.

8. Photo strange-looking black rock, like a meteorite made rover in July 2009.

9. When NASA first announced start of the mission, no one expected that it will so long. It was assumed that the rover will be located on the surface of Mars for three months.

10. Made in 2004, picture of rocky surface of Mars with a strong increase. In fact, the site gets into the camera lens, an area of ​​only 1.2 inches.

11. The rover «Opportunity» made this photograph in 2004.

12. In February 2004, the rover «Spirit» sent to Earth so this "avtoprotret."

13. Martian plains, called by scientists "Sleepy Hollow." The photo was taken after the arrival of the rover «Spirit» at Mars in 2004.

14. NASA representative James Garvin, left, and an expert on public relations studied photographs taken by rover «Spirit» in 2004.

15. NASA rovers celebrate the arrival of «Opportunity» Mars in 2004.

16. The first rover arrives on Mars January 4, 2004. The second reached the planet in three weeks.

17. NASA researchers are studying aircraft MER-2 at the Kennedy Space Center in March 2003. He later received the name «Spirit». It was chosen during the school essay contest.

18. Rocket "Delta-2" rover «Spirit» at the board starts March 10, 2003.

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