[Mcm2Ada] Makan angin ke Iceland

LJ-user wrote in his blog, Crimson-Zeus : I have long harbored the hope to go to Iceland , and now all this summer and was resigned to the fairly large amount spent on this trip, we moved in the direction of the beautiful island located in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Greenland and Norway. Today I will tell a little about the capital of Iceland - Reykjavik city. The international airport is 50km from the capital, so at the airport, we took our rented Hyundai ay10 runabout and went to see the city.

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1. A total of Iceland is home to around 300 000 people, and 60% of them live in the capital and its suburbs, in general this is the best country for solitude and rest from the people, population density, 3 people per square kilometer.

2. Reykjavik is the cleanest city in the world, but Iceland is the second highest rating in the opinion of a peace-loving Forbes . The city itself seemed to me very sleepy and quiet, arriving there the evening we walked to the center of the city, by the way, on foot from the city's outskirts to the center took us 10-15 minutes.

3. The population of Iceland is 95% indigenous, they are descendants of the Vikings speak Icelandic language in the world of the Icelandic language is spoken by only 306 000 people.

4. Reykjavik - the northernmost capital in the world, but we were lucky with the weather throughout the trip, and indeed, thanks to the warm currents, the climate in Iceland fairly comfortable, the average summer temperature is 10-12 degrees in winter -2 degrees.

5. I would call the city of Reykjavik Art, is full of shops of artists, all kinds of designer shops, there are well-known graffiti artists in Europe, and indeed all here with a twist, many people write that Reykjavik boring city, but to me it seemed on the contrary, a colorful and interesting.

6. By the way, and in August they have here is a gay parade, he even advertised in the aircraft section and other interesting festivals.

7. Young people in the city basically moves on skateboards and Longboard.

8. Very cool stuff I saw in some places in the city, in front of the building is suspended on a thread a bunch of retro-reflective dots that are swaying in the wind and glisten in the sun, the effect is simply stunning. At the top of the building just such installation.

9. In the summer there white nights of winter daylight lasts only 4 hours.


11. Yes, in Iceland is very expensive, about twice as expensive as in Europe, the most expensive is alcohol and cigarettes, and hard to find, where you can eat for a reasonable price. Unfortunately young people gain weight, most likely, precisely because in the cities or local production of fast food (McDonald's and I burgerkingov in Iceland did not notice), or establishments for tourists with rather high prices, something the average no.


13. Unearthly beauty recently opened Concert Hall HARPA - pride in Reykjavik.




17. The private sector, the city of flowers and smells.

18. In Russian the word in Reykjavik stress falls on the second syllable, in Icelandic - at first.

19. Making a circular motion and beauty.

20. There are lots of cats, but almost no dogs.

21. One of the main attractions - the church Hatlgrimskirya. A beautiful example of Gothic Revival, very nice and nothing more, for a small fee you can climb the tower and look at Reykjavik from the air.

22. In Iceland, the dominant Lutheranism, and in Reykjavik, plans to build a permanent Orthodox Church. By the way, in front of the church is home to a cafe fed traditional Icelandic food, there we got to try it if podtuhshuyu, or smoked shark, the taste and smell just disgusting.


24. In the city center can lie on the lounge chairs.






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