[Mcm2Ada] The London site for the 2012 Olympics

We offer you the sports facilities in London, where next year's Olympics in 2012. Also you can find out what kind of competition sport will pass in some complex and how it can accommodate visitors.

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(22 photos)

1. Aerial photograph the Olympic stadium in London, where exactly a year will pass the Olympic Games in 2012. "1" in the center means that the stadium will be the main venue for the Olympic Games.

2. Lee Valley Sports Complex White Water. Capacity: 12 000. Date of completion: April, 2011. Sports: Canoe Slalom.

3. Sports Complex Horse Guards Pereyd. Capacity: 15 000. Date of completion: built in advance. Sports: beach volleyball.

4. Greenwich Park. Capacity: 23 000. Date of completion: built in advance. Sports: horse riding, Paralympic equestrian, modern pentathlon.

5. Olympic Stadium. Capacity: 80 000. Date of completion: March, 2011. Sports: Athletics, Paralympic athletics, the opening ceremony and closing of the Olympic Games.

6. Aquatics Center. Capacity: 17 500. Date of completion: July, 2011. Sports: diving, synchronized swimming, swimming Paraolympics, modern pentathlon.

7. Velodrome. Capacity: 6000 persons. Date of completion: February, 2011. Sports: velotrekovye race Paralympic velotrekovye race.

8. Basketball Arena. Capacity: 12 000. Date of completion: June, 2011. Sports: basketball, handball, basketball, wheelchair, wheelchair rugby.

9. Wimbledon. Capacity: 30 429 people. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: Tennis.

10. Lords. Capacity: 28 000. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: Archery.

11. North Greenwich Arena. Capacity: 23 000. Date of completion: there was before. Sports: gymnastics, trampolining, basketball, basketball in wheelchairs.

12. The Olympic Village will be the largest in the history of the Olympic Games. It provides 17,320 beds. On the one competitor has an average area of ​​16 square meters. After the Olympics, the area turned into 3,600 new apartments.

13. Earl's Court. Capacity: 19 000. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: volleyball.

14. Wembley Stadium. Capacity: 90 000. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: soccer.

15. London Mall, which will host the marathon and cycling events.

16. Hyde Park. Capacity: Not determined. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: triathlon, swimming in open water.

17. Excel. Capacity: 6 000 to 10 000. Date of completion: existed before. Sports: boxing, fencing, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling, Italian bowls, Paralympic Table Tennis, Paralympic Powerlifting, sitting volleyball, wheelchair fencing.

18. Water Polo Arena. Capacity: 5000 persons. Date of completion: spring 2012. Sports: Water polo.

19. Royal Artillery Barracks. Capacity: 7500 persons. Date of completion: there before. Sports: shooting, shooting Paralympic, Paralympic archery.

20. Stratford Interchendzh Aerophotographing interchange, the main station for the Olympic Park ...

21. ... And another picture Stratford Interchendzh isolation.

22. Olympic Park area of ​​2.5 square kilometers is located in Stratford, East London. Here are the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, the arena for handball and international television station, a press center, and besides, basketball and hockey arena-center. The Olympic Village, multi-storey houses on the outskirts of the Olympic Park, which after the Olympics turned into residential buildings, schools and medical facilities.

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