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Transformers Footwear

Nat-2. Обувь Multi Zippers, серия Zipper 2 in 1 I f there are pants that become shorts, why not visit kedam that turn into sandals? This is at least a few saves (an important point, if you do not have a spacious dressing room or even a huge closet with special shoe shelves). And fun. Well, more complicated, than just change the height of the heel . German company with a good pedigree Nat-2 (which takes its origin from a shoe factory, founded in 1856) with the year 2007 ranked niche production of transforming shoes. Model in the picture on the left is called the Multi Zippers and, apparently, knows how to throw a skin. Artful design with patented zipper and, according to its creators, was developed in secret for several years. Series - Zipper 2 in 1 - consists of several models. This is the brightest, but the other look good.

Something like this:

Nat-2. Обувь Lind Purple Wax, серия Zipper 2 in 1 Nat-2. Обувь Lind Hi Silver Fur, серия Zipper 2 in 1

Generally they have there are many variations of transforming shoes. For example, a series of Home 2 in 1:

Nat-2. Обувь серии Home 2 in 1

Model series 3 in 1 Stack:

Nat-2. Обувь серии Stack 3 in 1

Skip 3 in 1:

Nat-2. Обувь серии Skip 3 in 1

One, apparently, the most popular series - Stack 4 in 1:

Nat-2. Обувь серии Stack 4 in 1

Looks like this process of transformation:

In this series there is a special collection of fun, made in conjunction with the "Transformers":

Nat-2. Обувь серии Transformers Stack 4 in 1

Several color options. If you do not feel sorry for them for money, you can transform a very long time:

Nat-2. Обувь серии Transformers Stack 4 in 1

Places (including network) where you can buy this are listed on the site of the manufacturer .

But it's sports shoes, cute shoes but Ze O Ze, who can throw the heel:

Daniela Bekerman. Туфли Ze O Ze

And part of the discharged, you can choose:

Daniela Bekerman. Туфли Ze O Ze

In real life:

And finally, the last for today transformer - Amphibian, flippers, sandals, running shoes:

Edward Shelton. Обувь Amphibian

Edward Shelton. Обувь Amphibian

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