[Mcm2Ada] Grozny

[Info] mikolkin
A couple of months ago we talked with Paul Alexandrovich plans for the summer.
- And went to Grozny
- And let's go.
At that decided to do.
In the summer meet, discuss. Nearly broke down on whether to travel. Then bought tickets, got in and drove off.
The road there is no particularly noteworthy, except that I read Dunno on the Moon (afigennaya actually book. The author predicted that as we live here.), Yet I took the train Chechens for his (by then I had a monthly stubble was).
In Grozny, came after 10 am.
From the station at once went for a walk around the city.
First, dissonance covered, for all the photographs the Terrible built up a brand, but here ... broken road, buildings or uncompleted and abandoned. Grief in general.



But when it came to the city center, doubts dispelled.

4. Monu and Grozny City. Near this monument of a peasant with a gun walked. We talked with him a bit. He later in the evening we have learned.


6.Ryadom to the mosque square, where there are such boards and sayings of the Fathers of our nation.


8. Center generally well done. Trees, flowers, benches, fountains.



11. DPS booth fun.

12. Actually mosque. In the living is not as big and as pictured previously thought. The first thing that caught my eye - a lot of children on their way to the mosque. They've got to run classes at the time were.

13. This is probably one of the most popular photos here)

14. Inside let us calm. I looked at backpacks, was asked to leave by the entrance and all. Soft carpets, subdued light, the silence.


16. I wonder what this is


18.Naberezhnaya p. Sunzha


20. Motor Trade ... Generally these blunders are many ... more where that came across EWROMOIKA .. and so on little things ...

21. In general, the center of Grozny today - it's one big construction site. They also build and rebuild ...

22. The Temple of Archangel Michael. Because of the construction work did not get there unfortunately.

23.Stroitel. Build Turks, Azeris, and someone very much like the Vietnamese)






29. Portrety.Ih do a lot. Good and different ...


31.Nu and of course the main street of the city and Pavel

32. Kuznechkiki. They are on the avenue Putin hundreds if not thousands. At the same time they hefty.

33. As we said, we came in unhappy times. The month of Ramadan. In this month, Muslims do not eat before sunset. So in almost all cafes are closed hours before the 7 - 8 pm.




37. In this building we have got, but in the course of this new museum of the republican system. size as would inspire.

38. Even portraits)


40. Pay attention to the letter Y

41. Here is an interesting structure, but its purpose remains unknown.

42. These are the houses stand on the bank of the canal. As the taxi driver said - this is for the guests.



45.Vot on this idea, too, government buildings are being constructed. Build them on an artificial island. On the one hand - Sunzha, on the other channel was dug. All seriously in general.

See on Yandex.Fotki br />


49. Practically the only Soviet-era structure, which we saw.

50. Market. If you do not take into account such a way to design the pavilions, the market makes a very good impression. No flea market, clean, no smells nothing.
By the way exchange offices in Grozny, no. Near the entrance to the market money-changers sitting with bundles of money, and keep them plucked. It is unclear how legitimate these "points", but once they do, then this is not just.
Surprised that the ATM Savings Bank is only one in the city, and that, according to the taxi driver, has recently appeared.


52. That's quite an odd combination of Walk of Fame and Museum of Akhmad Kadyrov


54. Order for the museum staff.

55. The museum is decorated well. Here and chandeliers and potolochki beautiful, but look where the cream of the exposure of A. Kadyrov is nothing special. Empty. Although MB this is a matter of time.

56. Bas-relief of the Second World War. The soldier does not look like anyone?)

After all the vacillations of the city by 5 o'clock already buzzing leg just, therefore, went to the hotel. Stayed at the Hotel Ivan (thanks [Info] wild_che for the advice, sorry for what did not meet). It was all very well turned out. Not far from the center, 1500, p for a double room, and even air conditioning. Pasha upset no hot water, but for me it is not so deadly in the heat. The hotel was empty by the way. At least the guests we have not seen at all.
A little rest, the evening went in search of places where you can eat anything from the local cuisine.
Putin on the prospect of a thing as a restaurant / cafe cuisine absent. But a lot of cafes and pizzerias.
We went to a cafe then. In the menu there is complete diversity. From the South Ossetian pies to borscht. But we came for than the national one. We were advised to take Zhizhig-galnash (if I remember correctly). But with a light hand Pavel Alexandrovich for us it was called the Zhish-galnysh)

57. Actually here it is. So it's a piece of boiled beef (at least not like lamb), and that something like our dumplings. All of this poppy in garlic broth, and optionally can still drink ordinary broth.
Very tasty.


By the way I just hit the women who work in this cafe. Very kind, hospitable, polite, sociable. That's probably is Caucasian hospitality. But more on that later.
We still wanted to walk through the night Ivan, but these women are dissuaded us.
Yet a few night shots.

59. Sample unfortunate, but it's something that just captivated my heart.


That's about, and ended our first day in Grozny.
The hotel has nothing to do studying the local press and watched DuckTales)

Day Two.
How many taxi drivers Pasha is not tortured about what else to look, no one really said anything. All came down to the center of Grozny, the shopping center and waterpark in Gudermes.
So we decided on the second day to watch the city, but to go home.

In the morning went to the neighborhood to watch the new stadium.
We went to the guard asked, he checked the bag and asked where we are.









69. The boys apparently modest

After the stadium came on a little stroll microdistrict. Good impression. New home neat, wide streets, clean, trees are growing.



72. Again, that won my heart.

73. By the way, if you look, everywhere Pavement lies. Here, too, probably millions namyla Sobyanin wife ...


After the district went to the area of ​​the Minutes.
Now it is not remarkable, except that there are now dig "citizens." Not a word in Russian, only about Allah cheto lisped.



77. Again we hit the Avenue of Kadyrov. Now - this is one big construction site.


79. But our friends from the sunny South-East Asia


81. These are the plans here.


Then the station and home.
We left wondering.
At the entrance, we checked the documents. And just copied me. Another gentleman policeman hesitated, did not want to give, saying that I wanted to clarify something else. Unpleasant.
In the box-office tickets were not available, but the cashier to us that you wrote on a sheet and told to come with him to the 5th car.
Well we have finally come. Glancing at the paper, the conductor told us to sit down in the first compartment.
As a result, we have given to 2500 p. and calmly drove to Rostov. Actually the whole trip.

Now some thoughts on what he saw.
Realized how ridiculous, stupid or bought today nationalists screaming about separation of the Caucasus. Here we separate the earth and heaven will descend on our country. Well, shouting that Russia Soviet republics feeds from the USSR. Separated. Better life has become? Or can there are fewer workers?
And now. Then the problem does lie in another plane.
If it were not thieving, bought officials of all stripes, all would have been differently.
And if the law was the same for all, also have to nationalists of all stripes would look with a smile.
But we have now all is solved either in cash or bonds, or the diaspora and the law ... ... but what the law ...
Terrible - it's whatever one Russian city. Let not Russian, but Russian for sure.
The vast majority of inscriptions in Russian, Chechen or Russian duplicates in the state. institutions or it says something really quite local.
Russian speech is understood by all (if not take Roma). Russian language in Grozny, albeit peculiar, but he is correct. And the ears do not cut completely.
In the book are the same books, and that across the country, the range is certainly not in Biblio-Globus, but it is currently sufficient.
On the periodical course not so good, but all sorts of cosmopolitan and Vogi ​​on the shelves are.
In the cafe at all, we listened to Radio Energy. In another local songs and watched what the complete treshak from Muz-TV. If people watch it, so enjoy ...
The street is not never met a women, wrapped up in his eyes. There were certainly those who have only the face is open, but very few of them.
On the streets a lot of girls do without headscarves and dresses are not for the most heel.
What memories, so that communication with women. Very good for all.
Interesting moment was when we went to the station and asked directions from a woman. She did not know exactly how we go through, said first direction only, but since we were going in one direction, she caught up with us and said that she clarified her neighbor and showed exactly where to go.
Another interesting moment was when we were walking along the avenue Kadyrov, we were stopped by men with machine guns, and asked who they are, asked to show passports. We have given a passport and then a man who watched my passport, a hand reaches out and says "Happy Birthday". This is probably the most memorable compliments)
Then me another fault on my shorts. He said that when the past will go a mosque, a souvenir store for me, a little of this, the 44th the size. Looked closer, and the truth. In shorts anyone. Then another guy to me out of the car shouted about it.
About how to drive more Tatyanych Terrible wrote. At first it was all dumb move on the road even going.
At the traffic lights in general, few pay attention. Although red, green though ... driver violet. Go as needed. So what mountaineer not like to drive fast ...
Russian in the city had seen. 20 men probably met.
After his arrival spoke with the mother another, they left Grozny before the war. Still managed to sell the apartment.
She said that they do not want to come back. Now it is for them quite a strange city. Left at the age of 28 years. It's been about 20 ...
So it is unclear who will return there ...
Here is remembered. About a year probably passed around the internet to back on video, in which Umarov refers to a Russian. He says that's all you drunks and cowards, you're not wanted, you have to bomb towns and beggars walk. Culture your already dead .. well, etc. In the same spirit.
What about drunks and cowards all clear. With this logic in the Caucasus, some gangsters live.
About abandonment to say that we are not simply abandoned. In the 90s we were betrayed. We have all been betrayed. But pgsniku from Sverdlovsk rewarded for everything in the story it will take its place.
Beggars and homeless people in our cities is not just. We are building a democratic state with market economy. Where is all about competition. If a non-competitive - be kind to the margins of life. There for you and the vodka out of Ossetia has singed its so sad ... fill in Grozny, almost all the same. And poprashayki go and see the homeless on the market. Slightly from the main street svernesh, and already garbage gorochki lie ... all as everywhere in general.
That's the culture and in Chechnya everything is fine. Well at least I'm not inspired painting. Can then of course there are brilliant works of writers. But I Sadulayev but no one is heard. But he was not a Chechen.
About dancing and singing since I can not judge did not see.
But where are the crafts?
Clearly, in the 90s not to culture throughout the country was, but once you beat his chest on what is about the need to reinforce it than that.
I wanted to buy souvenirs, but apart from hats and magnets on the refrigerator nothing worthwhile is not found.
About the fact that huge amounts of money allocated to Chechnya talked a lot and loudly. What really is happening in reality and how the money allocated to ordinary mortals is still unknown.
In Grozny, at least it is clear that the money is used for people. Residential buildings restored, roads are good and continue to be built. With industry and c may not be thick, but with the naked eye can see that it is gradually reduced. When the cry of the new stadium and other luxuries, forget to specify how much money from central Russia to offshore flow away ...
Even that very much, so it's complete lack of drunks on the streets and the lack of bulls. If alcohol is clear, then I smoke almost never seen.
Well, the last. When night came back to the hotel, as seen in the yard the children play. This is probably how it characterizes the level of security in the city.
Stay there for quite scary. But as it is not comfortable, not comfortable or something. Very unpleasant to catch hard stare. And this is combined with the warmth and hospitality ... It probably would snivelirovali Russian. But they were little, they are unlikely to rush back now. I do not know how there at the household level relationships occur, but by all as it looks.
How to entice tourists will not understand, perhaps, over time people will get used to the tourists and everything will be easier. But as soon as I can not imagine Terrible tourist destination, despite all the pluses.
In general, "Sverdlovsk so far away to Jamaica ..."

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