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George was born in Hackford, near Riphema in Norfolk July 24, 1839, the eldest of three children Kilburn Goodwin (1812-1887) and Rebecca Button (1801-1880).

Kilburn received his education in Hawkhurst, Kent. At age 15, he went to London, where he studied for five years, an engraver and illustrator.

In June 1862 he married Janet Kilburn Dalziel in the Old Church, St. Pancras in London. She was the daughter of Robert Dalziel, the artist. They had three sons and two daughters - his eldest son, George Goodwin, Kilburn, Jr., became a very famous artist animalist.

Janet died in 1882. In 1889 Kilburn again married Edith Golightly, who was 34 years his junior, in this marriage 2 children were born as - Edith May (rodilasya 1900) and Constance Ivy (born 1902).

Kilburn was an athlete, loved riding and hunting, cycling and golf. He had a good collection of weapons and armor, mostly swords, which are often featured in his paintings. He was very sociable and friendly, good-natured boss.

He lived for many years in Hawkhurst House, 39 Steeles Road, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London.
Kilburn has traveled to Italy in 1875, lived in Rome for three months, in addition to work in Venice, as well as in 1876. He made many sketches in Normandy, and Switzerland, in addition to visiting many parts of England and Wales.

He was a member of many societies and academies are regularly exhibited.

Kilburn work can be seen today in many public and private galleries.

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