[Mcm2Ada] Family Dining Room and Kitchen at Golden Temple (31 photos)

At the entrance to the dining room to take a tray.

Then get in line and wait for when something will bring.

They brought a cake.

Impose a rice porridge.

Bottled water.

All happy sitting and eating.

At the exit to take dirty instruments: it's peasant spoon a little on the tray.

Where they once sent to a wash.

And this is a clean trays.

Open kitchen. It is prepared on the wood.

Production of bread, chapatis.

The closed part of the kitchen. Cook on gas stoves.

Cleaning vegetables.

And this is the room where distributing ready meals in the hall. Pea porridge.

Handing out buckets and that's such a ladle.

A huge tub of very tasty rice with pumpkin.

Reserve bread.


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