[Mcm2Ada] Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Perhaps you remember the photo project "where children sleep," American photographer James Mollison. And for those who do not remember, recall that the author of this series has traveled to different countries photographing children of all ages living in very different circumstances.
Part 1.

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

1. Kahn, 16, Tokyo

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

The house has 4 generations of Cana live - she with her ​​sister, her parents, grandparents and great-grandmother. Cana passion - fashion. She can spend hours dressing up and loves going to the Tokyo area boutiques Harayuku. Kahn is a club of their peers who hold Lolita style doll. Mama is not happy Cana from such experiments daughter, so the girl got a job working in a factory to buy most my clothes and wigs. Every day, Kahn goes to school by bike. It takes her about 20 minutes. Kahn loves and appreciates his mother. In the future she dreams of becoming the owner of a fashion store and I am sure that with age, her style of dress will be more traditional.

2. Rianon, 14, Darvel, Scotland

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Rianon lives in a small picturesque town, which had been famous for the production of lace. Now their area has fallen into disrepute - there's a lot of heroin addicts and gangs are operating. At school, many students Rianon who was expelled from the schools located in the vicinity of Glasgow. The whole family Rianon and her friends - punks. The girl wears colored mohawk with 6 years of age. Their punk commune living very amicably, they are used to support each other and to fend off outsiders from their troubled region. Previously Rianon teased at school, but she gave a rebuff his offenders and leave her alone. She plays guitar, bass and drums and sings. My father Rianon - their own group.

3. Ryan, age 13, North Carolina

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Ryan was born in Pennsylvania, where he lived with his parents and two sisters. But now he is in North Carolina, a boarding school for obese adolescents from 11 to 16 years. At 9 years old he was diagnosed with a brain tumor for which he developed an unhealthy appetite. Being in a special school Ryan has dropped nine pounds, but intends to continue to lose weight so that you can play basketball with my friends as before. Pupils must pass each day 10 000 steps. Children eat low-fat low-calorie food like pizza and spaghetti, and have constant access to healthy food - vegetables, fruits, soup. Thanks to Ryan constantly hungry, but thinner. The boy wanted to be a doctor when she grows up.

4. Lee, 10, Beijing

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

He lives with his parents in an apartment house. Lee - one in the family, because in China for more than 30 years, the politics, "one family - one child", and all those who give birth to more than one child, are fined and taxed. Lee goes to school next door to the house. Her favorite subjects - mathematics, music and singing. Lee - a real perfectionist. Usually it makes lessons more than three hours, trying to make everything perfect. Twice a week she goes to ballet lessons. During his studies at school, Chinese students have visited three times in special camps for military training, which organizes the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

5. Lewis, 10, of Barnsley, England

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Lewis lives with his parents and sister in a suburb of Yorkshire. Because of his anti-social behavior, Liyusu officially forbidden to leave the house at night and regularly searched for drugs, alcohol and knives. He can not even wear with a screwdriver. Lewis was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of his antisocial behavior was already seven times expelled from school. The whole family goes to the boy's psychologist. Recently, Lewis was taking medication and feels better now, though, and misses his friends and the street.

6. Juan David, 10, Medellin, Colombia

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Juan David - an only child - lived in a shanty town Colombian capital. Family of Juan David - refugees, they had to leave their home because of drug war that are going on in their home region. In the region there is no access to schools and hospitals. The basis of the diet - Annona purpurea, spiked fruit that grows well in these parts. Family of Juan David lives in a small shack, built by his father. His father, an auto mechanic by trade, trying in vain to find at least some work. Family of Juan David wanted to move to the States. The boy hopes to become a doctor someday.

7. Bikram, 9, Melamchi, Nepal

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Bikram - an orphan. He lives with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and two cousins ​​in a stone two-story house in the mountains. To the nearest road to get two hours in a mountain trail. The second floor of the house used to store corn, which usually do not get the rat. The whole family sleeps on the corn. In their house there is no electricity. Typically, home light with rechargeable lamp. The family has its own plot of land where they grow everything you need. Their diet is wheat, vegetables and lentils. Meat and milk have no money. Bikram diligently in school. A lot of time playing with his friends. He dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up.

8. Alex, age 9, Rio de Janeiro

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Alex is not in school, and spends all day on the streets begging. He realized that to survive he must either beg or steal. So sometimes, when possible, he wins the clock from people who give him alms out of car windows at intersections. Alex every day sniffing glue. Sleeping on benches in the street or on the old sofa, if it finds such, or just on the sidewalk. Alex - not an orphan. He even keeps in touch with his family. Sometimes he comes to them to bring something to eat.

9. The name is not specified, 9, Ivory Coast

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

The name of the boy, a refugee from Liberia, was not indicated because of the risk to life. He was abducted by "the Lord's Resistance Army" and was a soldier. (See post Kidnapped "Lord's Resistance Army"), but he managed to escape and flee the country. He - an orphan, he has three brothers. They all live in a concrete shed in the school with other students. His favorite meal - rice with tomatoes and shredded with rice and meat. He loves football and wants to become a teacher when grow up.

10. Bilal, aged 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, West Bank

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Bilal's family, the Arabs, Bedouins, living in a shed because their house is destroyed the Israeli government, since it was built without official permission. In summer the whole family sleeps under the open sky, on the carpet. They are 15 goats. The basis of the family diet - rice and sour goat's milk. Once a week they can afford to eat meat. Every day to the village of Wadi Abu Hindi comes from drinking water tank, from which you can take in two liters of water per person. Bilal is not going to school. He grazes goats.

11. Rice, 15, Kyoto

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Rice is trained and will become a geisha. He lives with 13 other girls at-Tew teahouse in Kyoto. She and five other girls slept in one room, which is also used as a dining room and a place for tea ceremonies. Rice left her parents' house in Tokyo a year ago after she saw a television program about the geisha. Is determined to become a geisha girl passed the exam and was admitted to training. Now she is in student status or a "maiko". Rice has a new name Tamayuki. She diligently engaged. She taught singing, art, courtly conversation, secrets of the tea ceremony, art, the imposition of makeup and lots more. Two hours a day, she dedicates training properly wear a kimono, apply makeup and style your hair. Tamayuki rice - the youngest "maiko" in Japan. For a month she had - two days a week. Girl goes to his family in Tokyo three times a year. Very often she misses home.

12. Erien, 14, Rio de Janeiro.

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Arian lives in a slum area of Rio - favelas. Before sleeping on the floor, but now she identified the bed as the girl is in the last trimester of pregnancy. This - the third pregnancy 14 years of Erien. The first time she got pregnant when she was just 12 years. Then she gave birth to a stillborn child. A year later - the second delivery and then the child survived. The girl is unlikely to return to school because she had to look after children. She - a single mother. In Brazil, abortion is illegal. For abortion can receive up to three years in prison. Brazilian authorities have vainly trying to deal with a high rate of teenage pregnancy, trying to tell teenagers about contraception. Erien dreams of becoming a veterinarian and go somewhere out of these places.

13. Debate, 14 years, Kathmandu, Nepal

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Neglected works as a housekeeper and lives on the top floor in a tiny little room, like a cage. It - one of thousands of minors who work as servants in Nepal. The basis of its diet are vegetables and rice. The duties of the girls are cleaning, laundry and cooking. It usually starts at five in the morning and finishes - to six in the evening. At the same time her salary is - 500 Nepali rupees a month (the impurity is 6.5 dollars). She sends money to parents who are raising her 8 brothers and sisters. Twice a year, Pren ride home. 3 times a week in school. School she really likes. She loves her teacher, who devoted herself to teaching these children how to debate. When he grows up, the debate is dreaming of becoming a doctor.

14. Irkena, 14 years, Kenya.

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Irkena - from semi-nomadic tribe in the Kenyan wilderness rendille Kaisut. He now lives with his mother in the open air in the enclosure, which they built for the cattle. The boy is already 14 years old and very soon it is waiting for the ceremony of circumcision. This ritual - the first on the road to adulthood. Circumcision will be held in public and the boys have to suffer the pain and crying out, otherwise their families would be disgraced. After circumcision Irkena become "Marani", ie young soldier. After that he will go and live in the bush, along with other soldiers. A month before the ceremony of circumcision Irkena shooting birds with a slingshot. Corpses he wears around his neck as a symbol of their maturity and good hunting skills. He needed to shoot as many birds.

15. Riyuta, 10 years old, Tokyo

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Riyuta lives with his parents and younger sister in Tokyo. He has seven years of sumo - was three years old when he began having problems with weight, my parents decided to send him to the section. Now Riyuta became a champion of sumo in his age and weight category. It tightly eats three times a day. Although recently the boy began to worry about her weight loss - one of his friends died of a heart attack, which occurred due to obesity. Classmates Riyutoy admired because he has not lost a single battle. In addition, he is a scout organization. Likes to go hiking, ride a bike. In his spare time playing computer games, watching TV. He dreams of becoming a leading TV program when he grows up and be sure to start a family.

16. Delaney, 9, New Jersey

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Delaney lives with his parents and younger brother and sister in the big house. Each of the children in their family has his own room. Delaney loves to dress up every night and spends about an hour, choosing a wardrobe for tomorrow. She goes to school on the school bus with his brother. The journey takes only 10 minutes, but Delany does not like to sit on the bus next to Big Brother. It has a dual attitude toward school - on the one hand, she likes to communicate with classmates, but that the lessons she hates. Preparation homework takes her only 15 minutes a day, but every night she lay until the last moment to sit down for lessons. Her hobby - it's shopping and dancing. Delaney dreams of becoming a fashion designer when she grows up. Every Sunday she goes to church.

17. Alice, age 8, Harlan County, USA

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Alice - the only child in the family. But their family lives nearby with his grandmother Alice, her uncle and cousin, whose mother died recently. Alice with her ​​parents live in a small wooden house, which is located in the Appalachians. This place is famous for its natural beauty, but it is the poorest region in the U.S.. The room ceiling collapses Alice. Her parents wanted to throw my little old house and buy a van, but they have no money for it. Mama Alice works at McDonald's, father - in a supermarket Wallmart. Most of the earnings is spent on maintenance and education of Alice. In the area of high unemployment and many people use drugs. Two relatives of Alice died because they were drug addicts.

18. Justin, age 8, New Jersey

Documentary Photography: Where do children nap. Part 2. (18 photos)

Justin loves the sport. He plays soccer, baseball and basketball. In five years it is the local football team. When football season begins Justin usually three workouts per week. His parents encouraged his son love the sport, despite the fact that sports equipment is not cheap. Justin lives with his family in a five-room house. Two weeks in the year they are resting in the Caribbean. Justin ambitious guy - when he grows up he wants to be mayor of New Jersey. And if you do not come out - that a professional poker player.

Source: bigpicture.ru

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