[Mcm2Ada] Blondes and brunettes

After Katy Perry suddenly turned into a blonde, we decided to take a look at Hollywood celebrities, experimented with hair color and determine which solution to the face.

(17 photos)

1. Singer Katy Perry, the owner of the chestnut curls of thick, at the premiere of "Smurfit" appeared in new roles. In his microblog Twitter, Katie described her new image as a "complete failure".

2. Lily Allen. Lily is not afraid to experiment with their own appearance. But the hair dye she persists, using a wig and a new line appeared on Glastonberi.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen. Style icon Mary-Kate Olsen for a while remained a brunette, and then he became a familiar blonde.

4. Rachel McAdams. Star of the movie "Sherlock Holmes" Guy Ritchie, who played the role of the fatal beauty of Irene Adler, and appeared in the guise of a naughty brunette, blonde and romantic with blond curls.

5. Reese Witherspoon. For the film "Vanity Fair" Reese repainted in a dark color. The actress says that life is more pleasant to brunettes.

6. Renee Zellweger. The main thing is changing hair color, do not forget to pick up the appropriate makeup.

7. Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson, whose golden hair was often compared to legendary veil of Monroe, experimented with different shades of dark colors. "It's part of what is called" being a woman, "says the actress.

8. Selma Blair. Brunette Selma Blair in 2008 became a radical blonde.

9. There was a time when blonde Victoria Beckham drove the fans into a frenzy with pink bra, cleavage and incredible brave haircut. Now it is - a respected business woman.

10. Beyoncé. Beauty pop princess appeared at public events with silky dark locks, but lately prefers more extreme hairstyles.

11. Cameron Diaz. Natural hair color Diaz - light. But she, too dark shades to his face.

12. Agnes Deyn. Supermodel is not afraid to radically change the appearance.

13. Kate Hudson. The actress tried to remain incognito, dyed their hair blond to dark brown and hiding his face behind dark glasses.

14. Jessica Alba. Expectant mother Jessica Alba has changed the hair color and skin tone. Not bad!

15. Gwyneth Paltrow took time to realize that the natural blonde hair to her over the face.

16. Actress Emma Stone, decided to radically change the appearance, beginning with the fact that the dyed hair to intense red.

17. In the luxury of a blonde beauty with brown hair, Cheryl Cole has turned to a party on the occasion of his birthday.

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