[Mcm2Ada] The best airlines in the world 2011 (14 photos)

This summer, in Paris the 12th annual awards ceremony World Airline Awards 2011 - a kind of "Oscar" in the airline industry.

Winners of the World Airline Awards in various categories are determined by the British company Skytrax, which studies the global air transportation market.

In the contest voting Skytrax World Airline Awards 2011 was attended by more than 18.8 million passengers 100 different nationalities. A total of 200 flights were submitted to various awards. Based on surveys compiled rating World Airline Awards - one of the most respected in the aviation industry.

At the 10th place ranking in World Airline Awards 2011 settled the UAE airline Emirates Airlines.

9th place was taken by the airline Turkish Airlines.

At the 8th place - Australian airline Qantas.

Airline Air New Zealand took the 7th place in the ranking.

At the 6th place is the national airline Emirates Etihad Airways.

Airline Thai Airways ranked 5th in the ranking.

At the 4th place is a Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific Airways.

The South Korean airline Asiana Airlines took third place in the ranking.

At the 2nd place ranking in World Airline Awards 2011 located Airlines Singapore Airlines.

The best airline in the world has been recognized Qatar Airways, which has always been famous for excellent quality service on board.

Best budget airline began Airlines EasyJet.

Swiss Airlines were the best airline in Western Europe.

Best Airline in Eastern Europe for quality of service recognized by the Russian "Aeroflot", which entered also in the top three fastest growing air agencies around the world.

German airline Lufthansa has been named the best transatlantic airline in 2011.

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