[Mcm2Ada] Aircraft Interiors of African dictators (11 photos)

British photographer Nick Gleys about 3 years of filming the interiors of planes of African dictators. Their names photographer does not name, but it is rumored that they were, for example, the King of Swaziland, the President of Nigeria and the head of Zimbabwe.

Interior photos of the planes of African rulers were presented in the English Brighton Festival. Nick Gleys, who spent nearly 3 years at these pictures, acknowledged that the agreement permits to shoot each of the items he initially took about 3 months. But then the previous shot Gleys showed one of the African kings. He immediately agreed to shoot a flying palace - "to show the world that his plane was not worse than the neighbor." In addition, another dictator got exclusive information, looks like an aircraft on its competitor's flashy luxury. Later Gleys used this tactic.

While the majority of blacks have died from black African poverty and disease, their rulers trimmed its planes literally gold. The reasons for such a flashy luxury in 2002, the King of Swaziland Mswati explained III: «The luxurious aircraft needed to enhance the prestige of the state and attract foreign investment." This plane and finishing cost the king a $ 300 million.

Gleys says that the cheapest plane (with trim) of the shot they were worth about $ 100 million. But most of the machines costs about 300-400 million dollars. They were finished in gold, hides, their walls hung on Impressionist paintings worth several million dollars. According Gleysa, the main routes of African dictators were flights to Europe, mainly France, Switzerland and England. The plane flew back to score couture, art and expensive wines.

However, the lifestyle of the rulers of Africa there is a norm. As in other underdeveloped and colonial countries, glaring wealth raises the prestige of the dictator and the people love him. So, for example, is the mansion of the dictator Mugabe of Zimbabwe:

The mansion in the capital Harare dictator cost of 300-400 million dollars. His French designed and built the Moroccans. It is worth recalling that in Zimbabwe 90% of its citizens live below the poverty, the economy is virtually nonexistent, and the inflation rate broke the world record, surpassing the 1 million% per year.


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