[Mcm2Ada] 24 interesting pictures of money (24 photos)

1. The world's largest gold bar

This cast ingot Japanese firm The Mitsubishi Materials. The dimensions of the ingot length 45.466 cm, width and height of 22.606 cm 17.018 cm weighs about 248 pounds bar (!). At a time when the ingot was cast, it cost $ 3.7 million.

2. Banknote of 10 thousand dollars

Yes, it actually exists. Federal Reserve (the U.S.) used it to transfer very large sums of money to / from banks, and of course has never been used in free float. Also perechayutsya banknotes in denominations of 500, 5000 and $ 100,000 (see below). The last time they were published in 1945. Since they are no longer being printed.

3. Banknote of 100 thousand dollars

On photo - bill of 100 thousand dollars in 1934. It depicts the Woodrow Wilson.

4. How are 50 million pennies

50 million pennies have been added to the Memorial or missing («Memorial to the Missing», 1932). They symbolize the number of abortions that have been made since their legalization in 1973. The contents of this container weighs 156 tons, and in the "green" is equivalent polumilionu dollars.

5. Advertising safety glass

Many people in the Western network have seen the ad. Very simple, but catchy. Money real, and for the preservation of the original advertising stand was put up security. It is interesting that we have done with it ...

6. The dress, made of 100 thousand dollars

This original vlate done to promote the giant fund a new lottery in the UK. It is made of banknotes pounds.

7. Portraits made from pennies

Artist - Adrian Firth.

8. Golden basement

This is one of the many pictures of basements filled with gold (Fort Knox).

9. How does 1 million pennies?

2.3 tons of coins in a glass container.

10. Pyramid of pennies

This pyramid is constructed of 289 318 coins, beat the previous world record. The builder of the pyramid continues to report to the coin, and say that the number of coins has increased to 403 135 pieces.

11. The world's largest bank vault door

This door is located in the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, USA. At the height of the door is 5 feet 74 inches, and weighs 42 tons. In addition, she planted on the world's largest loop. This store is no longer used, but the door is reminiscent of its historical significance.

12. 100 million pennies

Size of area 9.15 m at 50.33 meters. All the money went to charity.

13. Money for drugs

The picture shows $ 207 million. They say that they were seized at the home of a drug dealer during a raid in Mexico.

14. Golden Wall

This is part of the gold reserves of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Store is located at a depth of more than 24 meters below the surface streets and 15 feet below sea level. Nobody dokapaetsya to the gold. By the time this photograph was taken, the store of gold was at $ 86 billion.

15. Money Origami

The collection of the artist Marc Sky of New Jersey for over hundreds of origami figures out of money.

16. The largest gold nugget in history

This nugget was found in 1872 and weighed about 286 pounds. Named the Holtermann Nugget (translated nugget - a nugget). Perhaps in honor of its discoverer.

17. The world's largest gold coin

It is worth a coin, a $ 2 million and weighs 99 pounds. In diameter it is 50.8 cm, thickness 2.54 cm total these account for 3 pieces of coins, which went under the hammer.

A back - severe uncles with guns

18. Do not rinse the money in the toilet

This toilet seat is your only for $ 60. There are a lot of new money seats for sale.

19. The first cash register

The first cash register invented James Ritty, owner of Salon in Ohio, in order to end the theft of their employees. Later, he sold his company to produce cash registers. The new owner added a roll of paper into the machine, which was the prototype of the modern cash registers.

20. Money wall

Over five hundred thousand dollars had been hung on the walls and ceiling of the Irish pub. It all started with the waitress, who fasten their first tip on the wall. As can be seen, since the wall "turned green" significantly.

21. A stack of silver certificates

22. Another vault gold

It contains the gold of one of the most popular funds in the U.S..

23. Money Tree

Such trees can be found all over the world. If you happen to be close to such, you will catch a grain

24. The ceiling of the money

This ceiling Pub-without-names in Big Pine Key (the Big Pine Key). All the walls and ceiling are hung with pub cash. It all started in 1931 by Jimmy Buffett. People picked up the idea and began to attach money to the walls. Now all this is estimated at 750 thousand dollars.

I wish to have in your house walls and ceiling were made of gold, and so that your garden grow money tree that brings you good money

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