[kl-bogel] Virtual Store in a Korean subway

What should the network of Korean supermarkets to lure her in Korean as workaholics? Of course, arrange your windows right on the subway. And so the company did not have any problems with the sanitary standards, to make windows totally virtual. As a result, people place orders directly on the subway, waiting for the arrival of trains, and goods delivered to them home by courier.

(4 photos + video)

1. Korean workaholism, a recognized national disease affects more and more - people just do not have time to buy. Arranging windows on the right path of ordinary working man of the house next to the office, supermarket chain Tesco has found a graceful way out.

Now, in order to buy provisions, requires only the presence of a smartphone and a bare minimum of time. The order is formed by photographing the QR-code, and the payment is debited from the account of a mobile phone. Selected products brings the evening a courier at your convenience for the buyer.

2. The idea of ​​virtual underground shops developed a Korean advertising agency Cheil Worldwide and for this they have already received the Media Grand Prix at the festival "Cannes Lions 2011".





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