[kl-bogel] The unusual "bee" contest in China

Chinese farmer Wang Dalin has won an amazing contest, in which participants have to land as many bees.

42-making beekeeper reached the final of an unusual and unsafe "bee" contest in Shaoyange, Hunan Province, China, with twenty years of farmer Lee Kongdzyangom.

(9 photos)

1. Brave: sorokadvuhletny beekeeper Wang Dalin, covered with bees from head to foot, standing on special measuring scale.

Braves were supposed to get on the scale of the entire clothing they had the right to remain only in shorts. After this queen bee had to draw on their bodies of other bees.

2. Wang Dalin during the "bee" contest.

Mr. Wang Dalin acknowledged winner - for sixty minutes at a village of bees, which reached a total weight of 26.86 pounds, according to local newspapers. At Mr. Lee Kongdzyanga village, a total of 22.9 pounds of bees.

3. Runner-up Lee Kongdzyang welcomes the audience to look at the amazing race spectators.

4. The unusual competition has attracted huge crowds of the curious. Vprchoem, in contrast to the participants, most of them attended to in order to stock up on special protective clothing.

5. Spectators watching the way the bees land on Wang Dalin.





Source photo: dailymail.co.uk

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