[kl-bogel] Uncover The Truth. Go Naked. (119 photos)

A month ago, was held in London bike ride naked bike, which is probably written all blozhiki London, and for me, and I finally reached the hands of sorry for the rough hand to put my feelings!

I love this city - one on Saturday in its declaration of love for Angel at a measured pace royal parade in Hyde Park fun riding naked on wheels, on Trafalgar defiantly marched in protest of unbridled feminist, but a lot of things happened (and even in the subway was a good mood)! - Everywhere it was impossible to catch. Bikers fought for equal rights, safety, clean air, animal rights - but for anything.

I was wondering what it is - to undress in the city center.

It turned out - fine. Have fun. Under the cut will be a lot of cards of interesting characters - most of that on there naked bodies!, So do not write comments, "I eat here, and you!" - I warned! We can consider the characters and the audience, consisting of tourists hospitable city (that's really lucky so lucky!) And knowledgeable photographers (and they are lucky!) Was not observed any riot or the police in general, naked and perky, I did not cause rejection, disgust or any negative feelings were. It was fun !!!!!


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