[kl-bogel] Two-headed animals

The very existence of mutants not surprise anyone today. Abnormalities in human and animal organisms occur more often. And yet every time he saw two heads on one body, one is struck by the nature of these jokes. Look at the photos of those who from birth was not like everyone else - because he was born with two heads.

(16 photos)

1. California king cobra albino in a zoo in Ukraine, 2011.

2. The calf, born in Canakkale, Turkey, 2006.

3. Piglet, who has three eyes and two stigmas, China, 2002.

4. Turtle, who was born in Wellington, New Zealand, 2003.

5. Headed tailless lizard, Australia, 2010.

6. The first two-headed bearded birthday lizard point in California.

7. California king cobra, 1968.

8. Two-headed snake from Durban, South Africa, 2009.

9. Celebrating a decade of Janus, a two-headed turtle from Geneva, Switzerland, 2007.

10. Two-Headed Turtle Janus.

11. Two-headed sheep farmer in Hebron in the West Bank, 2008.

12. Two-Headed Turtle named Superdaymond ("Superbrilliant").

13. Dual two-headed snake, 1971.

14. The cat, born in Segovia, Spain.

15. Headed lama named Tyanitolkay, 1967.

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