[kl-bogel] Terrafugia Transition - a flying car (4 photos)


Engineers Terrafugia, presenting the world's first flying car, is now working to improve its design. Based on previous tests, the new model has the following changes: improved form of the wings, which, in addition, become fully foldable, the bow appeared zone udarogasheniya; cabin equipped with a touch remote control and airbags. Car-plane is equipped with a parachute. Overall, the team tries to prove that its development will be one of the safest in the world.

Terrafugia Transition Model has been certified for movement on public roads, and for the flight as "light sport aircraft" and, perhaps, what with the new design, new product goes into production. According to the company Terrafugia, at the moment an advance payment of 10 thousand dollars for a flying car made by 70 people. The total price of the machine in the U.S. of 194 thousand dollars, and its sales will begin later this year.

On the ground, front-Terrafugia Transition is driven by conventional gasoline engine and propeller in the air the engine uses a Rotax 912S with 100 horsepower. Power reserve in the air - 724 miles, top speed - 185 miles per hour. Transition on the ground at full-capacity tank will be able to travel about 105 kilometers.

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