[kl-bogel] Portobello road (27 photos)

I dreamed for a long time wanted to get to the flea market in some old European country with a rich history. But I never thought that I caused when something in a market in England.

As soon as I got the visa, I immediately started planning our trip, where a mandatory program, no matter what should have been hiking on Portobello road - the most famous flea market almost all over Europe. He works on Saturdays, so the whole of London and visitors come back in one day. For myself, I decided I could not buy myself anything, but I will shoot. And there is what to shoot, lots of interesting ledy go there on the market here, and only manage to take pictures. I tell you I papparatsi with horseradish, at the right time all the time fotografiruyumy otvarachivalsya from the camera or someone passing by and closed the frame ... in general a difficult case. Only now do I realize that I had to run around with a man take his picture again. Ah. The next time will do that. I very much want to go there again and have a more detailed photograph everything, look, can buy something. Since selected by our impatient men, two hours there was very little, we were transferred twice during the meeting and is still running, because no time.
The market itself can be divided into several parts, I think. One part is the little shops, which stretch along the whole street, Portobello. They work every day, not just on Saturdays. There I totally did not go because of lack of time.
The second part of this is directly trays with all sorts of jewelry, silverware, dinner sets, old maps, paintings, in general everything that can be found it seems to me, at any flea market. But sometimes it seems like that at the beginning of the market are collected all sorts of things for tourists, from which the smell of paint and graffiti smeared made in China.

To the tray it was impossible to approach.

Today, as you know, there will be many photos.

The bright young lady. Someone allocates vivid style.

And someone vydeletsya bright hair colors.

Street singers sometimes there are also caught.

Next, we in the street, passing through crowds of tourists began the third part of the market, which sells a variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers as well as the food area, which shows the different cuisines of the world.

Def cook outdoors

People eat right without departing from the point of sale

Along the streets of Portobello go the same way and branded stores, one of them, Lily found a skirt dreams.

... but it is more expensive than it's

In the next area is a food area, "the Vietnamese market," is all that can be seen in all markets of our country. We really were about to go back, because thought, "Well, there's nothing already there." But something made me go further, and that's where it opened a paradise:) I think there is go frequenter of the market. Seliktivny second hand, hendmeyd, clothing, local dizanerov. Beautiful!

This small store has inspired me to buy a bandage. In the photo she shows how the seller can wear such jewelry. All was very simple and very beautiful! I asked a lot of pictures do not do it, but I still made a couple of shots.

And here is the range of the counter.


The artist paints and sells his work there.

And finally lay out a self-portrait:)

Total purchased on the market one and that's a decoration made old nameplate into the house. Was very pleased with a visit to the flea market. I WANT MORE!


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