[kl-bogel] News in pictures (70 pics + text)

Israeli border guards fired tear gas at Palestinian demonstrators protesting against the expansion of the nearby Jewish population in Ramallah. (Majdi Mohammed / Associated Press)

News in pictures (70 pics + text)

PHOTO011 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

1. Humpback whale jumped out of the water in Sydney, on the eve of the season whale watching. On the first day of winter in New South Wales, the season begins the migration of humpback whales and southern regions of southern and north into warmer waters. (Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

PHOTO021 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

2. Passer-by, which in the hands of a package of food, a wall with graffiti depicting a group of volunteers armed men Alcester, in the Protestant area in the east of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The level of violence in the Catholic area, where live mainly Protestant, flew up in the beginning of the "march of the season" - during the annual parade of Protestants, who in the past provoked a wave of violence by Catholics. (DYLAN MARTINEZ / Reuters)

PHOTO031 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

3. The girl on the ground in prayer against anti-government demonstrantok government of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a. (SUHAIB SALEM / Reuters)

PHOTO041 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

4. People participate in a mass charge in the government's campaign of fitness in the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing. (Alexander F. Yuan / Associated Press)

PHOTO051 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

5. The man in the image of the dancing devil with a closed matter, a person in a traditional dance celebrating in Naiguata, Venezuela. The Spanish conquerors and Catholic priests brought the ceremony of dancing demons in the ranks of slaves in Latin America 200 years ago, and they took them and added to the ritual drums. The ceremony of dancing devils comes a day before the Catholic holiday of Corpus Christi. (AP Photo / Ariana Cubillos)

PHOTO061 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

6. Filipino boy in the car during the rain in Metro Manila. Tropical Storm Meari increased to a category 1. (Aaron Favila / Associated Press)

PHOTO071 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

7. Sergeant Oscar Escobar examines the US-Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona. The Pentagon recently extended until September 30, 1200 to find the guards that came to the service at the border last year. (John Moore / Getty Images)

PHOTO081 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

8. Indian flood-affected in line for humanitarian aid distribution center in Gatale, India near Calcutta. As a result of showers in the eastern part of India have suffered at home, and killed seven people. (Bikas Das / Associated Press)

PHOTO091 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

9. People watch as firefighters from six departments put out the fire at the plant «Avondale Mills» Silakauge in Alabama. The fire could not put out a few hours. (Hal Yeager / Birmingham News / Associated Press)

PHOTO101 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

10. Girl in mask dancing fish on the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi in Naiguate, Venezuela. (AP Photo / Ariana Cubillos)

PHOTO111 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

11. Street vendors during the procession at the feast of Corpus Christi to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (AP Photo / Ramon Espinosa)

PHOTO121 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

12. Lines of light and fire from the faithful with candles, passing the cathedral during the processions in honor of the feast of Christ's Tea in Brazil. (AP Photo / Eraldo Peres)

PHOTO131 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

13. 17-year-old Tom Wilder jumps into the mud at the Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, England. Usually the festival is always the rain, and 140 thousands of music fans have to wear rubber boots and raincoats. (AP Photo / Ben Birchall, PA)

PHOTO141 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

14. Participants of the festival in Pilton Glastonbury. Music fans had to endure rain on the opening day five-day festival. (Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

PHOTO151 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

15. Anti-government demonstrantki pray in protest against the government of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a. About 60 militants of al-Qaida dug a tunnel from his Yemeni prison in the south, where the lawless chaos will only exacerbate things happening in the country, where protesters trying to overthrow the president. The inscription on his hat in Arabic reads: "Yemen." (AP Photo / Hani Mohammed)

PHOTO161 Фотоподборка дня: 24 июня

16. Five-year girls are dancing on the shoulders of women during the celebration of "Coke" in Redondele in north-eastern Spain (it is known that this is the cheapest real estate in Spain). According to legend, the two girls were rescued from a dragon dance in this way. (Miguel Vidal / Reuters)

pod01 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

17. Flood waters of the River Suris around the house in Burlington, North Dakota, USA. Only 375 houses of four thousand victims were insured against flooding. (Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press)

pod02 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

18. Ukrainian actress Ira Melkonian during performance of "White Sea" in the heart of St James' creativity Cavalier in Valletta, Malta. (DARRIN ZAMMIT LUPI / REUTERS)

pod03 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

19. Two deer in a meadow in Meysville, Kentucky. (Terry Prather / Ledger Independent)

pod04 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

20. Kashmiri boys amuse themselves in the Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. (FAROOQ KHAN / EPA)

pod05 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

21. Swimmer near the boat in Lake Zurich, Switzerland. (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN / Reuters)

pod06 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

22. A young man stands with fire during the annual gay pride parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (AP Photo / Andre Penner)

pod07 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

23. Aerobatic Team "Athos" during a demonstration flight at the 49th Paris Air Show at the airport in Paris le Bourget. (AP Photo / Francois Mori)

pod08 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

24. Carol Meyer, during a German Cup on sniffing tobacco Koohe, Bavaria. (AP Photo / dapd / Timm Schamberger)

pod09 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

25. Fan in the colorful attire in anticipation of a Group A match between Germany and Canada in the World Cup for women in Berlin. (AP Photo / Michael Sohn)

pod10 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

26. A visitor from installation «AquaticColors» («AkvaTsveta") by Japanese artist Takahiro Matsuo at an exhibition in Tokyo. (AP Photo / Itsuo Inouye)

pod11 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

27. Surrounded by flood waters at home in Minot, North Dakota. The river burst its banks Suris, breaking the record flooding in 1881 and nearly four million homes in the city. (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)

pod12 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

28. Hindu priests cause rain in tanks with water during the Vedic ritual Parjanya Yagiya in Ahmedabad. The Indian Meteorological Service said that monsoon rains could cover virtually the entire country by 29 June. (AP Photo / Ajit Solanki)

pod13 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

29. Cambodian partner, helping to move the cart with jugs for sale in the village on the outskirts of Phnom Penh Toelung. (AP Photo / Heng Sinith)

pod14 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

30. The man skinned with cobras at the slaughterhouse before sending them to a local restaurant with snake delicacies in Bantule, Central Java, Indonesia. (AP Photo / Sigid Kurniawan)

pod15 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

31. The man in the image of the devil jumps over babies during the festival of El Kolachev Castrillo de Murcia in, near Burgos, Spain. Held the first Sunday after the feast of Corpus Christi festival presents a scene as if the devil takes away the sin of newborns, jumping over them. (Photo by Denis Doyle / Getty Images)

pod16 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

32. Thoroughbred stallion put his head on another horse near Denman, New South Wales, Australia. There is a vote for the adoption of the ban on artificial insemination. (Sergio Dionisio / Bloomberg)

pod17 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

33. Bus drivers and conductors on the roofs of their transport in Lahore, Pakistan. (Arif Ali / AFP / Getty Images)

pod18 Фотоподборка дня: 28 июня

34. Afghan girl in a field near his home in the village of Mayan Joe flying over head helicopter Panjwayi district, Kandahar province. (AP Photo / David Goldman)

pod011 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

35. Spanish matador Juan Mora in anticipation of the beginning of a bullfight arena in El Plant in Burgos. (FELIX ORDONEZ / REUTERS)

pod021 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

36. Painted red toes living goddess Kumari at the festival in Lalitpur Bhotodzhatra, Nepal. (NAVESH CHITRAKAR / REUTERS)

pod031 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

37. Dancer of the troupe «Rambert Dance Company» during a speech in the rain outside the cathedral of St. Paul during the London Festival. (KI PRICE / AFP / Getty Images)

pod041 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

38. The actress in the form of the Chinese Red Army during the music event in honor of the upcoming 90th anniversary of the Communist Party in China. (JASON LEE / Reuters)

pod051 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

39. Hindu sadhus in line to register for the annual pilgrimage to Amarnath cave temple in Jammu. (Channi Anand / Associated Press)

pod061 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

40. Sabine Lisicki German tennis player enjoys the victory over rival French Marion Bartoli in London, whom she beat 6-4, 6-7, 6-1. (CARL DE SOUZA / AFP)

pod071 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

41. Afghan veiled lies on the road, until her daughter was begging on the outskirts of Kabul. World Food Program announced Monday that it would cut food aid to more than three million Afghans in nearly half of the 34 provinces of the country due to lack of sponsorship. (AP Photo / Musadeq Sadeq)

pod081 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

42. Model with a shiny nail polish during the competition to design a creative hairdressing exhibition of China in Beijing. (AP Photo)

pod091 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

43. Children in the flooded streets of Mumbai. (AP Photo / Rajanish Kakade)

pod101 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

44. German guard of honor on the eve of the ceremony welcoming Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. Chinese premier arrived in Germany for two days. (AP Photo / Michael Sohn)

pod111 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

45. Speech by the dancers at a gala concert in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party in the House of the People in Beijing. (Photo by Feng Li / Getty Images)

pod121 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

46. Masters trying to raise tuna sushi to cut it in the center of Seoul. This 350-pound two-meter fish - the largest in the country of tuna caught by the bait. The cost is about 23 to 110 dollars. (AP Photo / Lee Jin-man)

pod131 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

47. Orthodox Jews in the window above the crowds, close to the body of Rabbi Yehuda Lefkowitz Michael - latovsko-Orthodox leader, the head of a yeshiva Panavezhskoy, at his funeral in Bnei Brak, Israel. Lefkowitz died at the Medical Center in Jerusalem, two days after a heart attack. He was 97 years old. (AP Photo / Ariel Schalit)

pod141 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

48. Hindu stunt rehearsals at the festival in honor of the 134th anniversary of the procession of chariots Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad. The annual religious procession that will take place on July 3, devoted to the journey of Indian deities Jagannat, his brother and sister Subhadra Balabhadra in special wagons. (AMIT DAVE / Reuters)

pod151 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

49. Colombian goalkeeper football team Sandra Sepulveda (in green) rescues a team from the goal in the match against Sweden at the World Cup for women in Beverkuzene, Germany. (Friso Gentsch / DPA / Zuma Press)

pod161 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

50. Dancers from the troupe «Rambert Dance Company» act within the London festival, performing an excerpt from the play "The Eternal Light," directed by Mark Baldwin in front of the Cathedral of St. Peter. (Ben Cawthra / London News Pictures / Zuma Press)

pod171 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

51. Holidaymakers on the loungers on the meadow in the Olympic Park in Munich. (Peter Kneffel / Zuma Press)

pod181 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

52. Viewers under an umbrella waiting for the resumption of a tennis match at Wimbledon, the tournament in London. (Kirsty Wigglesworth / Associated Press)

pod19 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

53. Indian sculptor produces clay statues of Indian goddesses Durga on the eve of Durga Puja festival. Durga Puja - a five-day festival during which Hindus restore the history of the exploits of the goddess of the earth and its return to the world of the gods. (Dibyangshu Sarkar / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

pod20 Фотоподборка дня: 29 июня

54. Trace of Iranian missiles Zelzal revolutionary guards on the second day of a 10-day military exercise. (Mohammad Hasanzadeh / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

pod022 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

55. Aerial view of flood waters and sediments from the Missouri River, which overflowed its banks a few weeks ago because of heavy rains and melting snow, forcing the American military engineers to open the drain the dam to release water flows downstream. Picture taken near the border of Iowa and Missouri. (Eric Keith / St. Joeph News-Press)

pod032 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

56. Pope Benedict XVI conducts the service and give 34 new archbishops cloak at the festival of Saints Peter and Paul at the Vatican. (ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / Getty Images)

pod042 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

57. Dancers troupe «Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater» during his speech at the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow. The troupe, which has its roots in the American civil rights organizations, has opened the festival of the "American Season" this week, highlighting the auditorium their emotional ballet «Revelations», produced especially for the 50th anniversary of the troupe. (SERGEI KARPUKHIN / REUTERS)

pod052 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

58. One year old python with two heads in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. This is the second known python with two heads in the world. (PATRICK SEEGER / European Pressphoto Agency)

pod062 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

59. A boy with a dirty face during a festival in Bhaktapur Pandhra Asar, India. (Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters)

pod072 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

60. Working stroke of the Communist Party flag in the factory in Beijing. The plant produced more than 30 000 flags for the last three months for the upcoming 90th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party of China. (David Gray / Reuters)

pod082 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

61. Chris LaPrelle cleaner on the building of the bank «Wells Fargo Bank» in the heart of Boys, Idaho, USA. (AP Photo / The Idaho Statesman, Darin Oswald)

pod092 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

62. The workers seem to be dwarfed by the huge "Superderevyami" against the background of the financial center of Singapore. These "Superderevya" are hanging gardens, a supportive environment, and their height varies from 24 to 50 meters and above exhibited beds with tropical flowers, ferns and succulents. (AP Photo / Wong Maye-E)

pod102 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

63. A man with painted face at a parade in honor of sexual diversity in Managua, Nicaragua. (AP Photo / Esteban Felix)

pod112 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

64. Pakistani boy in a cart with a donkey loaded with banana tree branches on the road on the outskirts of Islamabad. (AP Photo / Anjum Naveed)

pod122 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

65. Cop knocks drummer protester during a clash with protesters in police Syntagma Square in central Athens. The Greek authorities are preparing to vote for or against the adoption of harsh austerity measures and budget cuts that triggered the strongest emotion and protests on the streets of Athens. As a result of the vote has decided that Greece may well avoid a potentially dangerous financial default. (AP Photo / Petros Karadjias)

pod132 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

66. Fidel Castro (left) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at an undisclosed location in Havana. Chavez had surgery in Cuba two weeks ago, and since then about him almost unheard of. (AP Photo / Granma)

pod142 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

67. The demonstrators are injured during the conflict with Egyptian police at Tahrir Square in Cairo. (AP Photo / Khalil Hamra)

pod152 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

68. Girl with a skipping rope in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. African heads of state arrived in the tiny, oil-rich country, at the beginning of the 17th African Union Summit, which opened on Thursday in a specially built for this luxury complex in Malabo. (Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press)

pod162 Фотоподборка дня: 30 июня

69. Firefighters and residents trying to extinguish a burning grasslands to the north of the Autonomous Republic of Inner Mongolia. There occurred six fires in a row. (Kang Guoning / Xinhua / Zuma Press)

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