[kl-bogel] The most durable car in the world (6 photos)

Armoured car Marauder in 2011 recognized as the most durable in the world. He passed all the ordeals that cast his team celebrated the program Top Gear. Due to the popular show, Richard Hammond, Marauder was a revelation to millions of viewers

The strongest to date, the car was built by Paramount (South Africa). This is a world famous manufacturer of the most technologically advanced and protected armored vehicles.

Initially, the car created to accompany convoys and transporting infantry squads. Now he can buy one, because in most countries in Africa, is living with a criminalized society, the armored car used by people who want to kill or to undermine at every turn.

Mass production is in Jordan, and the development in South Africa. This is done in order to reduce the cost of the car and maintenance. For example, in Paramount Marauder used diesel engine and bridges manufactured by the company MAN, power of 224 "horses" and 801 lb-ft.

Curb weight of the car - 12 000 kg, the crew consists of 2 men and 8-equipped paratroopers. Version of "Long" is capable of carrying up to 10 people. For the comfort of Paramount Marauder supplied with air conditioning (in Africa, he is clearly not an extra), the system of protection against weapons of mass destruction, more powerful engine (300 hp and 1100 Nm of torque), a winch, an additional power plant and other military equipment. Dimensions: 6,12 x 2,48 x 2,66 meters.

Marauder is an armored car transporting personnel. He was not afraid of any contact with rockets or mines. Many tests had to endure this armored car, and all he coped with dignity. He without any difficulty crushed cars and punched a battering ram brick walls.

Richard Hammond to pass the final test and blew Hummer Marauder, mimicking those zooming cars on the high-explosive mines as well as in areas of combat operations are routine. The result: completely destroyed by Hummer, Marauder same with only minor damage, quietly left the scene of the explosion itself.

And Hammond arranged for the picnic at the Johannesburg Marauder, almost blocked with this largest city. Hammond was even able to order a hamburger at McDonalds, snesya with several fences on the road. Executive Chairman of Ichikovits Ivor said: "We have allowed Hammond to do with the car all he wants, and Marauder with dignity passed all tests.

10 facts about the Marauder

1. It can serve as an infantry patrol car, as well as the command center, and depending on the configuration and first aid;

2. When installing the enlarged fuel tanks it can travel 500 miles farther;

3. Braves blast lying on the road 14 kg and 7 kg of explosives attached to the body;

4. It has an ultra-modern climate control system;

5. We can say swim fording a half of its height;

6. Tires have a bullet-proof inserts;

7. With a weight of 15 tons of transporting up to 18 tons of cargo;

8. Can be equipped with radio controlled fuses blocker;

9. Antivzryvnye has seats that protect soldiers from roadside bombs and rocket attacks;

10. With a maximum speed of 120 km / h it unwieldy barge will not name.

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