[kl-bogel] Melawat penagih dadah tegar di negara taliban.

We are accustomed to consider Afghanistan the most problematic place in the world in terms of drug production. This opinion will not argue. In fact, the production of raw opium, the basis for the production of heroin, Afghanistan is monopolized. Only the region of the "Golden Triangle" for some time in competition with the Afghan producers, but the incredible efficiency of the Taliban created an integrated system of production of drugs still in the 90's ruined the once-wealthy opium producers of drugs working on the border of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

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Since joining the Taliban to power production grew rapidly, and only in 1999 - 2001 year, having achieved concessions from the international community, the Taliban banned poppy cultivation at one time, reducing the landing by 80% in just one year. But, with "anti-terrorist operation" in Afghanistan in October 2001 and followed it fall of the Taliban, this country has again moved into first place in the production of heroin. During the year production growth amounted to 1,400%! However, if the 90 main markets for Afghan heroin were Russia and the countries of Europe, after the invasion, much of the exports were shipped to the U.S..

However, in this story there is a third party - domestic consumption, and every 5th Afghan - a drug addict. Afghan heroin addicts and in today's post.

There is a myth that the U.S. does not fight against drugs in Afghanistan, by contrast, Americans are making all efforts to increase the production of heroin. Supporters of the wildest conspiracy theories believe that the Americans deliberately doing it to harass the people of Russia ... and so on, you know. However, when considering sound, we see that this is not the case. The discovery of new transit routes and increase the efficiency of the Russian Drug Control Service redirected a significant part of the flow of heroin just to the States. The Americans are trapped. Destroy crops - thus pushing farmers into the ranks of the Taliban. Leave crops - grasses own citizens.

However, in this story there is a third side, domestic consumption. Phenomenon, unthinkable in the 1970s and '80s and even into the 90s under the Taliban, is now gaining momentum at an alarming rate.

According to the UN from 2005 to 2009 the number of heroin addicts increased by 140%, and this is just the official figures. According to local residents from more than 25 million of Afghanistan's population of about 5 million - addicted to one degree or another. In other words, every 5th Afghan - a drug addict, these data confirm and government officials in informal conversations.

1. One of the most popular gathering places drug called simply "a bridge"

2. It really is a one of the bridges over the river Kabul. The riverbed has long been used by locals as a dump. Here do not hesitate take off all the waste.

3. In the heaps of rotting garbage and bad use heroin hundreds of drug addicts.


5. I have not ever been a more disgusting, repulsive place than this bridge over the River Kabul, where on the outskirts of the city. A terrible stench, decomposing waste, black, like oil, water, river ... However, the width of the river no more than a meter, and its depth will want sane people hardly dare to check - the feeling that this water can corrode not that a leg or arm, steel rod degrade her for a minute.

6. Breathing very hard, partly because of the foul-smelling fumes, partly set on fire from the mountains of rubbish, but mainly from the smoke, which give the "wicks" in which addicts heated heroin - Afghan know-how in the use of heroin.

7. Every now and then stepping on someone's konechnosti.To what seemed a shapeless sack of garbage, is a man, or what's left of it. Covered with yellow skin and skull meaningless, hollow eyes, unnaturally inhibited movement - it's a zombie! Hollywood directors apparently have been in these brothels, the image is very clear to read.

8. Just under the bridge constantly using drugs around 200 people. Here crowded at any time of day. Some have been here for months.


10. Go here to have this substance from the waste.

11. Divide the heroin.


13. To be quite "cool", here still flock the city sewer.

14. Even locals close the nose with handkerchiefs, from the acrid smell of watery eyes. I can not imagine how one can live for months.

15. Judging by the clothes that guy here in the winter.



18. Part of the dose is divided with friends, covering scarves.

19. And then they sleep on cardboard.


21. Individual aesthetes take heroin intravenously, but these are exceptions - to get syringes big problem.


23. Oh, forgot to say, even under the bridge a lot of flies. Very much. Look how cute they are flying over the drug addicts.

24. Calmly shoot turned out not more than 5 minutes. At some point, the zombies have realized that something was going wrong, and drew attention to me. One by one they climbed out from under their cloaks and shouting something is coming. I managed to get out of this hell with no losses and a dusty Kabul street, which is still 15 minutes ago seemed to be a dirty dump, impressive purity. Not everyone is so lucky, two weeks before my visit, the German television journalists were seriously beaten by the inhabitants of a brothel and have lost all the equipment and money.

25. Become addicted in different ways. Part of addicts - former refugees who tried to escape from the civil war in camps in Pakistan and Iran and there to try drugs.

26. The other part - the Mujahideen who fought, often on opposing sides. Recently, they are joined by people who one way or another crippled the present war - the soldiers themselves, as well as people who had lost her all they had.

The third large group, it is the Afghans who left to work in neighboring countries and there is addicted to drugs. They returned home only to come under the infamous bridge over the River Kabul.

In the first speech of the Hazaras - they often go to work in Iran, with which they have in common one language and one faith (Hazara Shiites, unlike the majority of Afghans). Earning money on the hard and thankless work, they often can not cope with the temptation to try heroin to relax. The result is almost always the same - health institutions for drug addicts in the country and there they are rapidly slipping "under the bridge."

27. Point mass gathering of drug addicts in every city. If chosen in Kabul erect bridges, then, for example, in Mazar-e Sharif, they settled in the city dump.

28. In the slopes of the landfill addicts themselves hollowed cave where you can live for months.

29. Only sometimes they are chosen in order to steal or beg for money for the next dose.


31. Grams of heroin worth about 100 Afghanis - about $ 2 or the price of a jar of cold Red Bula. Petty theft and begging addicts manage to collect on the dose. How to tell one of the not yet completely descended into junkies - developed mutual aid. Junkie friend in trouble will not leave.

32. In each hole, sits a group of addicts who inject heroin.


34. The land around is strewn with cigarette butts and syringes.



37. Some come from neighboring states, where the drug could face the death penalty.



40. Most heroin addicts smoke. For this roll of paper wick.

41. Heroin is poured on aluminum foil, set fire to the wick.


43. And suck through a straw pair evaporating potions.


45. Good!




49. And addicts do not like children. They throw stones at them.

According to data provided in the report of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime - by 2009 Russia ranked first in the world in terms of heroin use. On average, the country consumed about 80 tons of the drug, which is 20% of the world's consumption of heroin. As a result of actions by the authorities delayed for only 4% of the incoming material into the country.


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