[kl-bogel] London Gay Pride Parade or 2011

LJ user moscowlondon wrote in his blog yesterday went to London to shoot Gay Parade. I must say - it was very fun. I tried to be as objective and reflect the different sides of the gay parade. Not just gay. Next photo in chronological order with minimal commentary.

See also: Gay Pride Parade in New York .

(41 photos)

At the beginning of the column was Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, Labour Party. British authorities have long been "friends" with the gay community. Even the Conservative leader, current Prime Minister Devin Cameron welcomed participants to the Pride this year in a special message on the site.


2.Bylo very colorful, despite the overcast day.

3.Vsego at Pride this year, took about 100 thousand people. Watch the parade came another 1 million people.

Most of the parade consisted of separate groups. Each group had its own message to the world :) Someone was walking with banners. Someone was shooting double-decker bus. This, for example, the association with gay teachers.

4.Lider one of the youth groups :) Very funny person was. Clearly with humor. The inscription on the body: "spoiled youth of the nation"

5.A it seems to be a prostitute. At least call themselves "sex workers" and require some sort of right.

6.Eto very cool couple with Pride :) From the traditional shopping bag trolley. British grannies have a real cult. For them, the red column Labour.

7.Muzhik was a T-shirt "Never kissed a Tory", that is, "In life, not kiss Tori" (ie, Conservative).

Conservatives in the parade did not complain. It was a lot of Labour's pretty much libdemov and a very small handful of conservatives.

8.Mestami was fun :)


10.Bylo many different nations. It is rather zakos, but a little further will be a lot of other cultures. Including Russia.

11.Geyam and lesbians from the armed forces of the UK which year in a row are allowed to serve in uniform. I remember on this subject have been debates about 4 years ago.

Now it is the norm.

12.Byl separate bus for older gays, lesbians and transsexuals. :)

13.Chmoke. Incidentally, I note that it was all very well. Nobody kissed, for the ass no one is bothered. There were only kisses and "free obnimashki" for those who are willing to embracing.

14.Politseyskie headed Robin (?).

15.Rabotniki ambulance.

16.Ni a parade goes by without a samba schools. :) Doubt their wildly unconventional.

17.Vot one of the ambiguities. Children were. Not much, but they were.

With all my tolerance, I believe that this is a bit wrong. As children carry on any Communist meetings and any other political events. Once again, I would like to point out that it was all very well and looked like a regular carnival. On television, even in the daytime show is much more ugly things. Yet when it involves children, I think it's not really fair play.

18.Lekari :)

19.A this way innovative advertising media :) These guys on the chest was written address of the site of some.


21.Chelovek 100 was from British Airways. They were in an alliance with American Airlines and Iberia.


23.Vot these guys really liked :) )

24.V reportage Guardian call them drag queens. Travesty.

25.V some time carried a huge gay flag.

26.Vot is also an interesting point. There was a huge group of gay Christians.

27.Liberalnye Democrats - of the current coalition government of Great Britain. Libdemy extremely tolerant, and the Conservatives (surprise!) - conservative :) ) The inscription can not translate exactly. If his words, libdemy say that first push gay marriage, and then will submit for a divorce from the Conservatives.

28.Prikolnaya turned sex photo :)

29.Kak promised - a friendly nation.

30.Byl even Muslim bus from different nations. The caption: "Some Muslims - gay. Get over it. "

31.A judge who? :)

32.Londonsky gay men's choir. Jai Ho sang a song from the "Slumdog Millionaire."

33.Nadpis on the poster: "Have you hugged today with transikom?" :) )) But honestly :)

34.Bylo and such.

35.Nadpis on the poster: "Love - colorblind."

36.Not so Angry Birds :)

37.Vse parades in the pictures just look dynamic. In fact, it turns out that half the time of standing, waiting, and so on. This was the only group that continued to dance and have fun. They have been in front of the car with her DJ. :)

38.Bratya Slavs - the representatives of Poland :)

39.Ne know what it is. :) )) It looked very strange and pathetic.

40 .:))) I think it deserves separate praise people in the costume of the balloon (in the background.)

41.I just the most recent past, people with razymi flags. Including the Russians.

This Veselukha. I strongly advise everybody to go to the gay parade. Especially homophobes. Just to understand that anything wrong with that.

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