[kl-bogel] Kremenets, Ukraine

Today we walk through a small town in Ukraine under the name of Kremenets (population - almost 30 thousand people), located in the Ternopil region.

This is not the most famous western Ukrainian city of the region, although it is not how a popular tourist destination, so travel to these places to me particularly interesting. All the more so Kremenets surprisingly proved to be very scenic and beautiful city, its topography and architectural silhouettes reminiscent of Bavaria and the Austrian foothills of the Alps. If he were 20 times more able to compete with the well-known tourist centers in the region such as Lviv and Chernivtsi.

(26 photos)

The city has a long history, at various times he owned six (!) Different states: first, it was the Galician-Volyn Rus, after Lithuania, then Poland, with 1793 - the Russian Empire (that's why there has not appeared later the Austro-Hungarian architecture, as in the neighboring city of Ternopil), then again, Poland, since 1939 - the USSR, from 1991 - Ukraine.

1.Vot so is the city center with the castle hill, overlooking the city

2.A under a mountain in the center remained the main architectural symbol of Kremenets - Jesuit College with two-towered church. Stately baroque and rococo playful blend is extremely talented and successful.

3.B adjoined to the church buildings located first Jesuit College and at the beginning of the XIX century Volyn higher secondary school (high school in 1819).

4.You are located Kremenetskiy Regional Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute. Taras Shevchenko


6.Pryamo Jesuit monastery in front of a Franciscan church built in 1606. On the decor is clear that the building now used by the Orthodox Cathedral (St Nicholas), UOC MP.

7. Before continuing the story of this interesting town - a bit of useful information. We lived in a hotel "Vika" (street Dubenska, 57), it is quite normal for this hotel as a provincial place, so I recommend. But to get there can be, for example, shuttle bus from Rivne, which come in a small bus station, located on the northern outskirts of the city. Passenger Rail message to this town, no, quite exotic for Ukraine.

In the photo - a local rarity: Mikulinetske bottled beer "Soviet" model, such factory only supplies to the province, the party in large cities are filled throughout the usual elongated bottles (in the background.)

8. Here is the main street of Kremenets

9. And it is at the other end

10. And what if the turn from the main street?

11. Sign shop for some reason, in Polish

12. Before you climb the castle hill, let us enter the house-museum of Slovak Juliusz. The Polish poet born in Kremenets in time when he was Poland, the Poles so attracted to them in Kremenets, found on the streets regularly. Perhaps to them, and designed the sign.

13. The house where he lived a very large, multi-room. It is interesting that he bought his father a poet, not a tycoon out there, and a simple professor Kremenets Lyceum and the University of Vilnius. That's so nice to live in those days a professor. Today's European and American colleagues they obviously would vozavidovali, and our post-Soviet, simply would have died of envy. Moreover, the money his father a poet, almost all his life did not live to work and travel around the world ... :)

14. Interesting pianos with vertical strings

15. But the climb, finally, to the mountain!

16. Castle Mountain is visible from everywhere in Kremenets, but looking from the center to its steep slopes (although their relative height does not exceed hundreds of meters) has no idea how to get up the hill is absolutely unassailable. Importantly, however, did not lose hope - keep moving along the main street until you see the corresponding index and follow the arrow. Another 20-30 minutes on a streamer (you can however take a chance and cut the road just on the slopes) and find yourself at the top, the ruins of the castle of Queen Bona.

17. Top luxury open views of the city. Even located 20 kilometers Pochaiv Laura is seen.

18. I'm not going to load you with information about the history of the castle (most still would not read them (better to go pop serialchik see, yeah) and who are interested in and find myself without a problem), will show better how to look like ruins of the castle from below

19. Finally will show a few more photos of this wonderful town







26.I already leaving Kremenets


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