[kl-bogel] Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part 3)

A few weeks before we flew to Jakarta, my blogger friend from Bandung, Dita, had published some posts which according to her, were specially dedicated to me... In the posts, Dita came up with some suggestions on the food and ole ole that I should get in Bandung. Thank you Dita for those posts!

Well, in one of the posts, Dita also suggested that I try Martabak Bolu. I had been to Bandung 5 times before my recent trip but I had never heard of Martabak Bolu. Usually everytime we went to Bandung, I would only get steamed brownies or banana pastry which I love so much. While I was in Bandung recently, I did asked Pak Suhanda where can I get the best martabak in Bandung and he recommended Martabak San Francisco. Nevertheless, until my last day in Bandung, we were busy ke sana sini..I had to forget about this Martabak San Francisco... Biasanya macam tu la kalau ke sana, banyak mana hari pun macam tak cukup masa je..

On my last day in Bandung however, I found Martabak Bolu Golden Bell at a bakery nearby the hotel where we stayed at and I finally got to taste Martabak Bolu as suggested by Dita in her post.

Martabak Bolu Golden Bell

So here is how the martabak looks like...looks familiar?? Well, it looks like Malaysian Apam Balik...exactly !

BTW, Apam Balik is a pancake like snack with ground peanuts and creamy sweet corn filling. It's one of Malaysians' favourite snacks. Martabak Bolu in Indonesia is slightly thicker and has varieties of fillings - cheese, chocolate, peanut butter and fruits. Martabak Bolu also tastes almost the same as Apam Balik . Memang sedap..!! That day, I bought Martabak Bolu with cheese filling..rasa lemak2 cheese gitu..

Everytime I went to Bandung I would definitely stop at the bakeries and tried all the cakes, buns and pastries.. macam biasa...takde keje lain..makan dan makan...

Holland Bakery in Bandung

Brownies from Holland Bakery is really tasty

I love the buns at Holland Bakery..everything is sooo delicious.....

I also love to stop at Amanda ...This is Amanda at Jalan Dago

My favourite would be chocolate pancake with custard filling...enak banget!!

At Amanda, I would get the steamed brownies and also brownies kering as ole ole . My favourite would be steamed brownies with cheese topping..

Kartika Sari at Jalan Dago

At Kartika Sari, I would get the banana pastry aka Pisang Bolen. I had tried Pisang Bolen at some other bakeries but I think Pisang Bolen at Kartika Sari is the most delicious...

and here is what I missed the most...Avocado chocolate shake..

In one of her posts, Dita had also suggested that I try Klappertaart (coconut cake) Den Haag....Unfortunately, I did not get to try it. Tak berkesempatan.. Maybe next time je lah ye Dita. Bandung is definitely an ideal place for food hunting - memang tempat orang jalan-jalan cari makan atau tempat wisata kuliner dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Posted by TK at 10:43 AM

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