[kl-bogel] Jakarta Bandung 2010 (Part 2)


When we were in Jakarta, we brought our children to Taman Safari Cisarua, Bogor. If you are in Jakarta, Bogor is definitely an ideal place for you to escape from the city heat and explore the beautiful countryside of Indonesia. A popular weekend getaway, Bogor is a cool and misty highland surrounded by volcanoes and hills, tea plantations and vegetable farms. Sejuk dan nyaman di sana!

I really enjoyed the breathtaking views along the way to the Safari Park. So beautiful!! Malangnya tak sempat berhenti utk ambil gambar sbb nak cepat2 pegi tempat lain pulak...

Next, you can buy carrots and bananas( to feed the animals ) from the many vendors by the road side leading up to the Safari Park . You should also bargain for half the price..Byk sgt gerai ni sepanjang jalan..

I think one should get the map of the Safari so that you would know where you are and where to go to. The Safari covers a very huge area, you would have to spend one whole day there! That day, we only explored 30% of the amusent park. Tak sempat!

As soon as we paid for the tickets, we entered the gate for the Safari tour. First, you will arrive at herbivore zone and the African wildlife zone, where you will see elephants, giraffes, camels, zebras, hippos Llamas etc. Then, you will be at the zone of beasts of prey where the ferocious lions, tigers, leopards and bears are waiting for you..

..all the animals were walking around approaching every car

A safari park allows visitors to see wildlife from the closest distance....

Kawan kita from Australia..

Yang ini geng2 tanduk panjang..Tak berani bukak tingkap...

At the African Wildlife zone....Rasa cam kat Afrika je..

At the carnivore zone,..I saw this charmingly naive bear... Looks like a teddy bear kan?

The fun doesn't stop after the safari tour ends. You will arrive at the amusement park zone where you can rest and eat at the food court. There are jet coaster, merry go round, sky lift, haunted mansion, giant wheel, pony/camel/elephant rides and many more attractions. I tak pegi semua tu, tak larat..besides it was drizzling..

The school children posed with the elephants...

At the Safari you can go for elephant ride, pony ride and camel ride...semuanya ada

At the birds park...

At the Baby Zoo- Actually, there was a tiger cub on a bench behind Sarah

On a Jurassic train ride which brought us to a cave with many dinosaurs!

Still at the Baby Zoo, you can snap photos with baby Orang Utan, baby leopard and mcm2 baby lagilah..

Sorryla ye..buat you alls penat tgok those animal photos....My children had fun at the Safari though most of the time it was drizzling. Due to the rain, I had to buy umbrellas at the souvenir shop. We would spend more time at the Safari if the weather was okay. If you come during the monsoon season, I think you really should bring umbrellas or raincoat. FYI, Bogor is also known as Rain City @Kota Hujan and gets more lightning storms per year than any other place on earth!!

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