[kl-bogel] The hijab or veil?

European countries are shameless fight to ban Muslim women wearing veils. Muslim women live outside the Muslim world is difficult. Yes, here, for example, in Western countries, require permission to be photographed for a passport with the face covered. So what? They forbid! They say you should expose person in front of a photographer! And it's an intimate moment. In the Muslim family and take a picture if, in extremely rare cases. And just for "internal use".
The same problems exist in the eastern countries who have chosen a secular way of development. In Tatarstan, for example, about fifteen hundred Muslim women live without any identity documents, because they are not willing to "bare all" in front of a photographer.
Before you pictures of women from Muslim countries, which are the aforementioned clothing.

See also: The ban on wearing the burqa came into force in France .

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1. UK. Wearing the hijab is a woman is one of the main provisions of the Islamic legal provisions - the Sharia.

2. Afghanistan. Hijab - this is not just a scarf, wear it, fully Shariah compliant. Not tight-fitting, long, not the caller.

3. Pakistan. Often decorated with embroidery by hand.

4. Morocco. Wearing a face hiding the practice for various reasons, including: local traditions and customs, and face protection from sand, dust, bright light (in tropical countries).

5. Indonesia. Yes, in Moscow, this can not be found.

6. India. The simplest consists of a niqab frontlet (strips of velvet, fastened on the forehead with the back straps) and sewn to frontlet two rectangular shawls. One scarf is sewn to the bottom frontlet and only at the edges - it should fall on your face so that the slit for the eyes remained. The second big scarf sewn without any cuts - it should completely cover the hair woman cooks. Sometimes in the same frontlet attached another piece of transparent tissue of light - it forms a veil, and closes his eyes.

7. Turkey

8. Iran

9. Philippines

10. Indonesia

11. Pakistan

12. Afghanistan

13. Iraq

14. Morocco

15. China

16. Iraq

17. Kashmir

18. Pakistan

19. Afghanistan

20. Iran

21. Palestine

22. Indonesia

23. Kashmir

24. Pakistan

25. Iraq

26. Paris, France

27. Iraq

28. Afghanistan

29. Look at what look: expressive and attractive.

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