[kl-bogel] Graduation Ball at the school for the blind in Texas

In his series of photographs called "Discharge blind" photographer Sarah Wilson was trying to tell about the life of visually impaired teenagers - students of Texas School for the blind and visually impaired. Engage in these photos Sarah began in 2005 when she worked at the school as a photographer for a documentary film commissioned by the broadcaster Public Broadcasting Service, called "My eyes." Since then, Sarah Wilson has agreed to perform the duties of each spring photographer on the school's ball, held at the end of the school year. In her photographs she is trying to capture the ritual ceremony of the ball, starting with how students are prepared for him, and girls suggest marafet in their rooms to the last solemn dance, when the stroke of midnight.
These balls - this is a very important event for every American teenager, and even more so - for these students. Your photos Sarah tries not only to perpetuate a memorable event for themselves and their alumni parents and friends, and make society think about what it means for a teenager - have problems with vision or be blind.

(25 photos)

1. Fermin, a student of the Texas School for the blind and visually impaired.

2. Rosemary makes a hairstyle to graduation prom.

3. Amanda and Charity

4. Ashley and Victoria demonstrate a manicure.

5. Krista, Marsha and Ashley before graduation ball.

6. Jamie and Jim.

7. Alex's prom dress.

8. Michelle and Chesiti.

9. Michelle and Alex.

10. Emmy.

11. Malcolm.

12. Kelly and Vicki.

13. Liz.

14. Alex and Brittany.

15. Will and Danielle.

16. Slow Dance.

17. James and Melissa.

18. Jason Tian and Amber.

19. James.

20. Tiffany and Will and Peace.

21. Graham and Kelly.

22. Jasmine, Amber and Dominic.

23. Victoria.

24. Danielle, Kara, Bettina, and Anah.

25. Crowns and tiaras.

Source photo: http://www.sarahwilsonphotography.com

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