Monday, July 18, 2011

[kl-bogel] Carnival in Arequipa, Peru

LJ user asketic-travel wrote in his blog: Today I tell about the festival of national cultures, which I had the pleasure of watching in Arequipa, Peru's cultural capital. I saw it all by accident. In the morning the day of departure came home last walk around the city, take some pictures that have not yet had time to photograph the previous day, and noticed an unusually large number of people in national dress. I already wrote that in general on the streets of Arequipa these people come across, but it is still isolated cases. And then suddenly they are everywhere.

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3. Prevailing revival clearly indicated that the planned some fun. And without waiting for the weather by the sea, I went in search of fun myself.



6. But - what is it? This is South America, in the best traditions of banana described O. Henry, one street - a holiday for the next - a revolution. Dense flow under banners with slogans protesting crowd moved the demonstrators, who came into this sunny day (the others seem to be there and not do) to protest against the harsh conditions of existence.

7. I already wrote that people have to complain about - lack of work, gaps in the social policy of the state, just difficult living conditions, when whole neighborhoods are without electricity, limited water supply.

8. However, most of the demonstrators set up benignly. That lord with Winnie the Pooh T-shirt, apparently, wants to show me that smile adorns the person.

9. Looking at the revolutionary, I'm going back on a parallel street, where people run away, dressed in traditional clothes. Where to flee? From whom? It is not clear.

10. The lane are the police in full combat readiness. Well, now everything is clear, where the police, there is a holiday. This is what we know in Russia.

11. But already he and celebration.

12. I go to Plaza de Armas and see how the area under the music column are the people in national dress. Some go just like that, showing bright costumes, some like mad vengeance, good music roars from the speakers, and music in Peru so that you do not want - zatantsuesh.

13. First comes the man with plakatikom, which says that the team follows him.

14. Then goes the car, which strengthened the poster with the name of the municipality and a pair of powerful speakers (if this is a minibus, then a whole battery of speakers).

15. Now, where on the pavement, drenched winter June sun, shake a leg happy Peruvians. I say no to this - enjoy!






















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