[kl-bogel] Buick Y-job in 1938 (6 photos)

This is a story about concept car Buick Y-job, created in 1938 by a young designer Harley Earl. According to the authors, Ai-Job was the world's first concept car.

Buick Y-job 1938 года (6 фото)

"... The Falun Larry (Larry Faloon), another designer," General Motors ", as well as unofficial historian of the company has also long retired, said that in Hollywood, Harley Earl had lived very close to Des Milles (De Milles), the famous director, and as in the epic films of Cecil B. (Cecil B.), literally "absorbed" the ability to attract and produce the desired effect. He brilliantly used these qualities to create his first, and the world's first real concept car, the model Buick Y-job in 1938. Since this machine was howling beyond experimentation, Earle took its name from the aviation industry, where by letter "Y" denotes the most modern and most advanced aircraft at the moment.

Buick Y-job 1938 года (6 фото)

Created Earl in 1938 the car Buick Y-Job is marked not just an experiment to round the corners and boxes on wheels, although the form of the machine has changed dramatically - it became softer and more aerodynamic. Embedded in the lower body side steps elongated hidden doors that are equipped with a unique beauty (recessed) handles. Model Y-job look innovative and futuristic, it has incorporated technological innovations are not used to it in any car. It is equipped with a folding top, electric windows and many other engineering refinements that only decades later would be completely normal parts of conveyor machines.

Buick Y-job 1938 года (6 фото)

Model Y-job was released to pave the way for the future and excite those who want to get to him in his car. Harley Earl drove himself to his offspring many years away from home to work and back, as well as a favorite country club. In late 2002, the speedometer of his car Y-job showed almost 50 000 kilometers, of which several hundred were "nakrucheno" at the festival held in England velocity (Goodwood Festival of Speed). Harley Earl at the wheel of his creations

Buick Y-job 1938 года (6 фото)

"The engine of this car we have never repaired and repainted not" - says Larry Falun, seeing us in the design center of the company "General Motors", located in Uorrone, a northern suburb of Detroit, Michigan. We walk down a long corridor, then turn left, go through another, more long hallway, turn again, this time - to the right, and soon find ourselves in front of the door leading into the machine assembly shop, the one who built Harley Earl on the first floor Vysk building and where his drawings were created and maintained special cars.

Buick Y-job 1938 года (6 фото)

... In order that a model Y-job look from the spectacularly low, its "put" on a 13-inch wheels, three inches shorter than standard wheels used at the time. Y-job car also had a brand new, low, wide and curving grille, which for years had become a characteristic feature of all models of Buick.

... Despite its length of more than 5 meters, the Y-job model accommodates only two people. Rear seat in a car there - convertible top machine is composed by an electric motor behind the front seat and closes the lens cover. "I think visitors to rural clubs were stunned when they saw how he goes up and down" - says Falun. "

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