[kl-bogel] The best photos of Princess Diana

July 1, 2011 Princess Diana was fifty years old, had her life not ended August 31, 1997 in a terrible accident in Paris. The mother of the future king of Great Britain died at age 36. It was called the "queen of people's hearts." We offer you the best pictures from the life of Lady Di.

(30 photos)

1. Diana Spenser nee Francis, the future princess was the third child of Viscount Oltorpa, whose family had close ties with the royal family for centuries.

2. Thirteen Diana in Scotland.

3. Lady Diana Spenser in 1981, the year of its engagement and wedding to Prince Charles.

4. Diana on an official visit to Australia in 1983.

5. The future princess umbrella, 1981.

6. Diana on her wedding day in 1981.

7. Royal kiss.

8. Prince Charles with his bride on their wedding day, July 29, 1981.

9. Diana and Charles greeted the audience.

10. Honeymoon in Scotland in Balmoral on the River Dee.

11. Princess of Wales, and children in Devon, England, 1990.

12. Princess Diana in Hong Kong, 1989.

13. Princess Diana and Prince Charles after a polo tournament in November 1985 in Palm Beach, Florida.

14. Diana during a trip to North Wales, October 1981.

15. Princess Diana during the skiing in Lech, Austria, with his sons William and Harry. It was surprisingly faithful to his mother, insisted on personally to take back their children to school and tried does not rely on huge state staff, who was in her possession.

16. Princess Diana and Mother Teresa in the Bronx, New York, June 1997.

17. Diana and John Travolta dancing in the White House in 1985. The reception was attended by President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

18. Diana attends mosque Alayar in Cairo, Egypt, 1992.

19. Princess Diana fell asleep at the event at the Museum of Victoria and Albert in 1981. The next day it was officially announced her pregnancy.

20. Princess Diana in Canberra, Australia in November 1985.

21. Princess Diana kissing wife after polo tournament Kirenchestere, England, 1985.

22. Princess Diana on board the ship Royal Princess, named in her honor during a ceremony naming a ship in 1984.

23. Diana and sons in the House in Gloucestershire Haygrouv, England, in July 1986.

24. Princess Diana at the races at Royal Ascot Races 1985.

25. Prince Charles and Princess Diana during a tour in Sydney in 1983.

26. September 1982. Diana in Scotland.

27. Princess Diana during a visit to Wales in October 1981.

28. Diana and Charles got into a train at Waterloo station, going on a honeymoon in 1981.

29. Newlyweds on the day of the wedding.

30. Book Cover of Life "Diana - 50".

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