[kl-bogel] Baltic Queen and Silja Serenade

Luxury cruise liner on the ferry - the strongest impression from a recent tour in Stockholm. Before that I had to swim and on and on the other, but the union of comfort and entertainment in general, a trivial delivery of passengers and vehicles from coast to coast, for me was a complete surprise.

Restaurant and conference facilities, shops and children's clubs, saunas, discos, internet, and even ... little jail - it has everything you need to travel on the left mass memories.

Shipmaster Vahur Ausmees, as well as all senior staff supposed to know five languages: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and English

Try to find the photo on the steering wheel. It's not even the trackball in the center, and a tiny joystick to the firm of Rolls-Royce. 90% of the working automation, allowing the vessel to dock with an accuracy of 5 centimeters.

No need for paper maps do not, they are in electronic form. Here they are more likely to entourage.

Of course, the vessel having a 6-meter hull under water and over 45 meters, you can drown. Inclined at an angle of 55 degrees, it tips over. Maximum roll on the Baltic Queen at 12-meter wave was 10 degrees. And the most powerful storm recorded in the Baltic Sea - 14 meters.

And here is the same prison, however, the passenger should be well very aggressive to others, to get into the cell. Record with 200 cameras on board are stored for 60 days.

Sailing past the courts decided to wave, there is a special visible from afar palm.

Mikrorazgovorinik in the restaurant. Just a story of love!

The chef demonstrates the rack, where you can bring just a hundred plates of food.

Food is prepared separately from the team of passengers special cook. This is a dining room captain.

Saloon officers

Chief mechanic. With him, we'll go watch the engine room.

Look at what is in the center - the usual radio!

Forty-thousand horsepower

The editors thank NedoSMI official information site for tourism in Sweden VisitSweden and of Tallink Group and Tallink Silja in Russia , to help organize the trip.

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