[kl-bogel] Apple palsu di China (9 photos)

They came across an American, currently residing in the Chinese city of Kunming. According to her, at first glance look like real stores: as spiral staircases, design, blue shirt with an Apple logo on the sellers.

First, the blogger was alerted that the official information on Apple stores are only in Beijing and Shanghai. Looking closely, the author has found the traditional signs of "kitayschiny": staircases curves, the walls are painted carelessly label Apple Store (and even Stoer), which the American company did not mention beside the logo, name plates in the absence of consultants, etc.

As it turned out, the sellers of fake stores are sincerely convinced that working for Apple. American, even tried to ban photography on the pretext of protecting the brand. Only when she said that she worked at Apple, she happily allowed to take shop.


Interestingly, in a ten minute walk blogger discovered two more of the same Apple Store.

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