[kl-bogel] Amazing America (11 photos)

We present a selection of photos that were made in the most beautiful places of the United States.

1. Kanyonlends, Utah. Arch Mesa (Mesa Arch) - is one of the Canyonlands area attractions, the area which in 1964 was declared a national park. The area of ​​this unique landscape of the monument is 527 square kilometers. There are a lot of gorges, mountains and river valleys that are part of the desert landscape, including a system of canyons Maze, rock tower Needles, green areas Island-of-the-Sky, and other unique natural features.

2. Redwoods, California. A man walks on the Sequoia National Park, located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. To grow in these regions hundred-meter redwood, aged up to three thousand years of human history - is nothing more than a moment.

3. Coast of Maine. Coast of Maine - it's a romantic walk on the beach, swimming in the cool sea, superb lobster to a romantic dinner by candlelight on the shores of morya.Veraya spent here. you can not never forget ..

4. Washington, DC. This city is the heart of American democracy: the White House, Capitol and Supreme Court - the embodiment of it. And yet - many great monuments to Washington and Lincoln, and other, less famous, patriots and heroes who are at Arlington National Cemetery. And, of course, is to visit the memorial to veterans of the Vietnam War.

5. Wrigley Field, Chicago. In the tradition of the American pastime baseball and everything associated with it, remains the undisputed leader. The old stadium is the embodiment of the memory of the past day or. Now here you can come to admire the cracks in the old design, listen to the squeak of bats and savor Peanut Cracker Jack.

6. Santa Catalina Island, California. City of Avalon was built in 1887 during the real estate market jumps in Southern California. It was planned as a resort area. In the 1920s, William Wrigley Jr. has invested in the island capital and time, which gave a significant positive result. Now the Santa Catalina has become one of the most prestigious resort areas in the world.

7. Mount Rainier, Washington. Mount Rainier is the most massive glacial peaks throughout the Americas. Ice and snow covers an area of ​​35 square miles. In 1792, the peak height of 14,410 feet, was named in honor of Rear Admiral Peter Rainier. So called him a British explorer, Captain George Vancouver.

8. Waterfalls Multnomah Falls, Oregon. Multnomah Falls reaches 620 feet in height and is the second highest year-round waterfall in America. On the pedestrian bridge, built in 1914 by Italian stonemasons, with amazing scenic views of the waterfall.

9. Mystic, Connecticut. Located on the river flood, Mystic reached its heyday in the 19th century as a port. Currently, Mystic has become a museum of whaling ships with the classic and a huge aquarium.

10. San Juan Islands, Washington. The four islands of the archipelago of San Juan are connected to the mainland by ferry in summer and are popular with residents of Seattle and tourists. It is a picturesque area where it is very easy and comfortable.


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