[kl-bogel] Wine tasting at the port of Tel Aviv.

A few days ago, ended a week of Israeli wine tasting with Ramat Golan in the Tel Aviv port. Israeli photographer Sergei Demyanchuk decided to look for an aura of mystery and taste the land of Israel, and headed to the port to capture the last day of the event.

Prior to the opening left half an hour, walked the final preparations to welcome guests this fair taste.

The people filled the area, choosing wine and bath to your taste.

The water was installed compressor that sprays water, and it designed the image associated with wine.

Taking the blame for the cheese, the people forgot about the date:)

Visitors were photographed on mobile phone memory.

Pour wine by one third in the glass, under the right and left hands, and offered to determine which of the younger wines.

Sacrament of tasting.

Thus, under good quiet music was this evening tasting.

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