[kl-bogel] Wanita Geisha ( 24 photo)

Young girls, mostly from poor families, a child sold in tea houses, which owned the geisha. There was a girl in the service of 16 years. Over the years, geisha necessarily had to learn to play musical instruments, learn a lot of poetry, in great detail to master the art of tea ceremony and of course, without the natural beauty of the geisha no one took (according to the photo, while there were other ideals of beauty .) Labor geisha mainly takes place in tea houses and traditional Japanese restaurants, where the hostess stands geisha parties, entertaining guests-men. Geisha should direct the conversation and contribute to a cheerful pastime of its guests, often flirting with them, but while retaining their dignity. Earning a geisha teahouse is usually a

Geisha, contrary to popular belief, not a prostitute.
fixed hourly fee for her work. Upon reaching 18 years of a geisha, she had the right of its customers to any patron, whether it is to sleep with him and take money from it - it's her own business ... But basically, all taken














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