[kl-bogel] Unknown Pakistan. Part 7

Before you is the last part of the photo essay from LJ user SE-Boy : 4 January 2010 in the Hunza River valley collapsed mountain. It happened by itself - not earthquakes or any other disasters from happening at this moment. Descended landslide buried an entire village, killing about twenty people, sleep Karakoram Highway and blocked the Hunza River.

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(26 photos)

The water comes quickly engulfed several villages, cut the only road to Pakistan to China. In the end, instead of fields, houses, highways and other works of man the lake was formed over a length of 16 kilometers and a depth of 100 meters. If the jumper will break, many villages downstream will be destroyed.

1. At the talus.

Similar stories in Pakistani Kashmir in the past. Seeing this lake, I immediately remembered the story of Reinhold Messner (my translation):

As a result of the earthquake in 1840, collapsed the western part of the ridge Lehr, entering into an array of Nanga Parbat. The wreckage blocked the Indus valley at its narrowest point, where later was built Rakiotsky bridge, and completely blocked the river channel. The height of hedges amounted to about three hundred meters. In April 1841 Jabbar Khan, the ruler of the Astor, warned the government of Kashmir, that the long jumper is able to retain inbound water - by the time the on-site landslide lake was formed, length of 60 kilometers.

At the same time Raj Karim, the ruler of Gilgit, sent into villages downstream written on birch bark warnings about what happened. However, the warnings of both the rulers did not pay attention. Soon the dam broke down. Lake water rushed down the valley, washing away everything in its path and turning into a giant mudflow.

Water carrying stones, debris, trees, animals and humans. Those who have not seen from a distance what had happened, were doomed. Many people tried to escape by climbing on a hill, but it did not help. Survived only by those who managed to escape to the mountain slopes. Damage and the victim did not respond to the calculus. Hundreds of acres of arable land like a cow tongue licked. So a woman with a wet towel wipes thousands of ants ...

2. Since the lake looks like from space.

*** NOTE: Next, using other people's photos of the names of photographers.

When the incident became known to the authorities, the district sent military helicopters and equipment. It was necessary to evacuate people and their property, as the lake grew too fast. But two days later, refuting the adage that lightning twice in one place does not strike in the same location came a new landslide. And this time there were witnesses.

3. The end of the Karakoram Highway. Photo Inayat Ali.

It became clear that, in addition to rescue operations, we need scientists. It was necessary to understand how strong jumper. In the meantime, the water level rose half a meter a day. Water ate away at the land, and no, Noah did not have time to build an ark.

4. Views from the helicopter.




In the villages, to which only water was adjusted, the men packed things, formed caravans of donkeys (and some on herself) and carried their belongings in the village on the slopes above. Who had time and could, tried to dismantle the house to take out a building material. Mighty homes in this area are built over the years. Women still remained possible, collect dying crops.

8. Disassembly of the house. Poplar trees are cut like the picture in half. Photo Abrar Tanoli.

At this time Karimabade (formerly known as the Baltic states) bid farewell to those whose bodies have been able to get out from under the landslide.

9. Football field in Karimabade. When we got here, it took more than six months, and on the field a large gathering of people play two local soccer teams. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

Water continued to rise, and many residents did not have time to save their property.

10. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

11. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

12. Despite the winter months, lower the heat. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

13. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

14. Photos of Afzal Khan and Aslam Shah.

15. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

16. Outcome. People choose the larger world through the scree. Photos of Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

However, everything flows, everything changes. Buried the dead, but get used to what is now near a large lake, the governments of China and Pakistan have decided to jointly establish a trade the only road linking the two countries, but to build miles of highway were destroyed by water is impossible. And now the goods are then driven by truck, then by boat.

17. Since their crossing the talus. Photo Zulfiqar Aali Khan.
However, all is not so simple. When the truck with the goods coming from China (where there is no collapse), products of the cars are loaded onto boats and driven 16 km in the water. And the people working on the boats, most real kamikazes. Cargo must carry as much as possible, and a boat load to the eyeballs.

18. A boat loaded with tires. Water level with the sides. One wrong move and ...

19. Boat reached the scree, where it unloaded and loaded the goods on the trailers, which are crumbling driven tractor. Only they, jeeps and bulldozers were able to go on this heap of stones, rocks and monstrously thick dust.

20. Unloading of goods. The next step in China's empty boat. It is not loaded

21. Relatively flat area talus. Dust in the form of powder is so thick that spreads like water. Machines only raise it in the air. On the side of our jeep.

Passing the talus, tractor-trailers travel on the Karakoram Highway, the load falls out on the curb. Then it loaded on trucks lying in wait here. For goods to China, all manipulations done in the opposite direction.

22. Pear juice is waiting for reloading onto trucks.

At the very talus to be very unpleasant. It's cool - the cliffs - goes into the water and the lake was constantly tempted. Not only did his feet sinking in the dust everywhere in the already precarious loess visible cracks in the other foot can fall, you can go into another entirely. The cracks are along the talus, and another collapse - the nearest future. Chinese and Pakistani workers live here in hellish conditions, bore wells, apparently trying to determine the reliability of the soil.

23. "There will be a garden city." Clearly visible cracks in the talus.

Above all this to the nearest hill visible to a recent snapshot of the soil, where millions of tons of rock came down.

24. At the edge, above, is several houses. They are in disrepair, but they are apparently still living, since nowhere to go

25. View from the houses down. Lake has yet to be typed, visible nezatoplenny stretch of highway photo Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

On the other side of the lake we have not moved - there was no time. Maybe next time.

26. Samandar Khan, and your humble servant.

To be continued ...

See also Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 8 .

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