[kl-bogel] Tel Aviv: Taste of the City 2011

Writes evgeny.co.il : As you know, and if you do not know, now learn in Tel Aviv is about 15 times a festival of "Taste of the City 2011". And I advise you not to go there! Why? And because if you go there you go, it will be the end of your diet, any high in calories, decrease the amount of money and not having tried everything, you will be disappointed to watch others eat various goodies and you have no place.

(55 photos)

1.Luchshie restaurants in Tel Aviv organize their kitchens and in-Yarkon Park, and all received inhaled delicious flavors, eat, drink, relax and dance.

Israeli, Indian, Japanese, Thai cuisine - a part of malepusenkaya that there may be eaten. Meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, sushi, rolls, sweets, ice cream, desserts, ice creams, fresh juices - everything is in huge quantities.

Ahhhh ... ..

Now some useful information for those who still dare to risk going there. The average and the highest price per serving - 35 shekels. There are certainly cheaper, but .... Portions of slightly below average. I nakushatsya to fall on the grass and listen to the concert took 3 servings, two cups of stewed fruit and dessert And of course all sorts of "taimot" ....

The festival began on 13 June and will last up to 16 numbers. Opening every day at 18 o'clock. Better come early. And the congestion is less, and people. You can nakushatsya first, and therefore have to go and watch a variety of festive events.

The official festival site in Hebrew

And now it's time to watch photographs and lick!

02.06 hours - the time of discovery. All the stalls cooking is in full swing

3. The first portions are ready and hungry mouths are still little



6. Kindle appetite

7. Kosher, please do not worry. Sosyk pork


9. It is time to have something to eat

10. So, what's there to eat?

11. And that's it!

12. The first portion




16. Oh, drool flowing river



19. Restaurant "Rokach 73" were served dishes of marine reptiles. Shrimps & chips were good

20. Ready marine reptiles



23. Kids also have something to do. And do crafts, and stories they tell, and puzzles.


25. And I was already waiting for the kebabs on a stick kinamonovyh

26. Ohhhhh .... Already overeaten, but there are sandwiches served with meat sooo many ... .. ah

27. Well, as without it ....

28. Meanwhile, the concert began



31. Blu staged a beach. Whether more will be

32. Sweets ..

33. Olives ...


35. Cheese ...


37. Well, no, no more room in the belly. And you want!


39. But what is it! And now you want!

40. Some restaurants have already made their dance and music programs

41. Celebration is in full swing

42. Won a prize?

43. CocaCola staged a light show on the building. The building is certainly not present, but the proportions present. Pay attention to the lights at the bottom of the form

44. And of course pivasik. But No way - I'm behind the wheel.

45. At another stage - the other group. In the soloist is very strong voice.




49. Compotes for every taste. Mango Bethanga ... What a tapuz-hafuz?

50. Radio 102 were broadcast directly from the park

51. And the bar Blu, where the beach had already started dancing on the tables of girls :-) The party was successful

52. Time 10 pm, and people are staying. Kitchens are operating at full

53. I took a dessert strawberry ...


55. ... And eating her to go home /

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