[kl-bogel] Stars at gas stations

Ironically, celebrities also go to the store and even seasoned car with gasoline, as we all do - with the exception that the very machines they have on the order of torsion, and every bush is on duty bound paparazzi. We offer you the pictures show-business stars at filling stations.

(18 photos)


1. Kim Kardashian fills his Bentley in Calabasas, Calif., Oct. 10, 2010. Kim Kardashian at the present day is a proud and happy owner of a car's Rolls Royce, but you would not believe, once she had the most ordinary Bentley! And once again, Kim stopped at a gas station. You confuse heels? And it is in other shoe does not come out of the house!

2. Jessica Alba at the gas station in Hollywood on Jan. 13, 2009. Jessica Alba spotted when she stopped at a gas station in West Hollywood, returning home in 2009. This young lady loves to walk at all, so, probably, to fill visited by often.

3. AnnaLynne McCord, star of the show "90210" fills his gasoline Mini Cooper at a gas station in West Hollywood on Oct. 22, 2009. Take the example! AnnaLynne McCord is always ready for photo shoots! Even when she is drinking a chocolate milkshake and fills her pretty, like a toy car. This girl really likes to be a star - albeit at a gas station.

4. Singer John Mayer fills his Ferrari at the gas station in Calabasas June 27, 2009. Ever since John Mayer pulled up at a gas station in Calabasas, a lot of water under the bridge. He managed to get into a lot of enemies among his former friends, including Jessica Simpson, and go on a concert tour.

5. Actress Mischa Barton fills his car in West Hollywood July 7, 2010. Mischa Barton got her blue vintage Cadillac in early 2010 and was spotted at a gas station in July. A little later spotted the actress on Mulholland Drive - she has a flat tire. It happens!

6. Ryan Phillippe at a gas station in West Hollywood on Nov. 16, 2008. Ryan Phillippe spotted at a gas station, wearing a white T-shirt and camouflage shorts, in 2008. We assume that since he had to visit there at least another couple of times - taking into account the fact that he always carries his two siblings in all sorts of interesting places.

7. Model Janice Dickinson at the gas station in Brentwood, Calif., June 1, 2011. It would be foolish to expect that Janice Dickinson will appear in anything other than very, very Tees mini dress - even if it comes to gas station. Star has demonstrated its fitness to all who find themselves at a gas station in Brentwood in early June.

8. Katie Price at the gas station in Malibu on Feb. 4, 2009. Katie Price to help fill her car ran all employees filling! Hopefully, bright pink nail polish a glamorous model remained intact.

9. Actress Ellen Pompeo tucks his Range Rover at a gas station in Hollywood, California, April 21, 2010. That's what people save time! While fueled car, Ellen Pompeo managed to throw out her old newspapers and other debris. Clever!

10. Party-goer Scott Disik tucks his Mercedes in Calabasas, Calif., Dec. 15, 2010. What do you think Disik often visited by at a gas station to fill the car of his girlfriend Courtney Kardashian?

11. Singer Leona Lewis, accompanied by friends fills his Range Rover in Los Angeles, California, November 12, 2010. Red dress and a pink handbag. Why, they ask, Leon so it clutched? ..

12. Star of 'The Hills' Audrina Patridge fills her Mercedes in Hollywood, California, May 29, 2010. While the young lady ran the gas tank, she managed to collect several SMS Message friends. Another man, rationally related to the time!

13. Actor Christian Slater at the gas station in Brentwood. Christian Slater has decided to rest until tucked his silver car. And indeed, his rush hour?

14. Actor Breckin Meyer fills a car in Beverly Hills, Calif., April 30, 2009. Probably, the new Dodge Challenger sports Breckin Meyer takes a lot of gasoline ... but who cares when driving actor looks so cool?

15. Actress Vanessa Hudgens fills her Audi in Hollywood April 30, 2010. Actress Vanessa Hudgens was very unhappy when the gas station spotted her ubiquitous photographers. You, too, think that she came to wash my car?

16. Actor Balthazar Getty has stopped at a gas station with his Lexus in Los Andzheloese September 11, 2009. Oh, how it haired and unshaven, to the delight of photographers

17. Star of the show 'Glee' Heather Morris at a gas station in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2011 smiles to photographers. Listen, I like the girl who smiles even when refueling the car!

18. Phoebe Price at the gas station in Hollywood March 5, 2009. Oh, what her unusual attire! That's what a girl, ready at any moment to fall under the sight of lenses!

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