[kl-bogel] So what? Let's look at the market? (23 photos)

On Friday, the market is impossible to photograph. Crowds of people, driven on, torn down or even catch hold of the lens. Besides, I'm in a hurry always so carelessly made a few shots, I do not blame me)

Here we have a fresh juice. And do not wait, you take the pay and receive a portion of vitamins)

Here, too, something poured?

Here I buy cheese

Here deli meat

Here I do not buy fresh fish, seafood and oysters ((Very expensive, I go shopping to their fisherman to Caramel, but it is perhaps the only place in Israel where you can enjoy oysters on the spot.

Organic vegetables and fruits

Just fruits and vegetables

Here is just selling the Dutch herring and make sandwiches with it, is in great demand

And here we have fresh pasta and sauces to it

At the site too can enjoy pasta, oh how delicious!)))

Of course, not all counters, I photographed that managed to whip up in difficult circumstances, and in the end - the flowers)

My next post will be about the cart with groceries, and then recipes, or recipes, first, and then about a cart?) I've got all the photos ready.


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