[kl-bogel] Slovenia

In Slovenia, I decided to call, receiving a new shengenchik from the Spaniards. From Zagreb Airport, I left the highway and within 30 minutes was the territory of the Schengen member states, the second time that day - before I went out for 2 hours in Munich Lufthansa Lounge, as they lounge in the transit area was closed for reconstruction. Border guard only Slovenes, there is no exit control of the Croats are not there.

Immediately after the border to the right of the road on the hill is a beautiful castle, converted into a hotel, golf club and something else there. On the one hand is beautiful, but on the other - I do it and not photographed. At one point I turned off the highway to pay some kind of index. In Slovenia, you can not pay for one-time toll motorway, the vignette is purchased, the minimum duration of which - in 7 days. How much cost - I do not remember, but something between 15 and 25 €. In general, for a day so call in and ride on the toll road rather expensive to obtain. On the other hand, slipped from a pay highway, I drove through the lovely village of Slovenia and the field. Boredom, but beautiful.


Left the car in the parking lot at 1 € per hour. Went for a walk around the city. Lovely city. Even to get here the Japanese, Koreans, or where they are there. So especially do not want to comment, just photos.

Past the street with that name I could not get through.

Very narrow house.

What I popped in Ljubljana only 2.5 hours, deprived me of the opportunity to try the local cuisine at some nice cafe, so I limited myself to an ordinary pizza with mineral water. As you can see from the photos, the town is relatively peaceful, small, built-up edge of a Soviet-style, and in the center of all that old and European. Over the whole city is dominated by a fortress on the hill up there the easiest way by cable car.


One of the villages on the road. By the close of the church did not drive up, but she is beautiful.

Lake Bled.

A very beautiful and photogenic place. It would be the time - walked to a whole day here walking with a camera around the lake. And if you do otherwise, shows a huge negative - a very rare car park, and not in the most successful locations. For some still have to pay, and on one where I left once the car payment by the day, not hourly. I had to pay as much as 4 €, and walk for a good camera angles were too far back. On the island can be reached by boat.

Summary. I imagine myself poorly, can I go to rest precisely targeted to Slovenia: to retirement here is boring, although beautiful, is retired you can find places better. However, the country is fascinating, and in other circumstances I would have spent on it and can not 1, but even 3 days.

Around 6 pm I drove back to Croatia. The border pass easily and quickly.

PS I've been a bit lazy to write reports and general thoughts are different, try to somehow catch up and all that he had promised - to write.

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