[kl-bogel] Prague tram museum (35 photos)

The main transportation in Prague - a tram. No, no metro, no bus, namely the tram. That tram routes are indicated on the maps. which hand to tourists or tour operators sold at kiosks. Tram - a real god and king of Prague. And he can not only get you to your destination, but also to show all the beauty of his native city. If you do not ride on the tram, do not punch your ticket punched, consider that you have not felt it in Prague. That's why I just could not attend the Prague tram museum. And to my surprise, I discovered that some of the exhibits of this museum were very familiar to me.

Strangely enough, but to the museum tram tram as I was getting and. Versatile route do not tell, it all depends on where you are going. I was guided by a map and got only one change.

One of the first Prague trams looked something like this. Of course, neither of which centralized electricity supply was not the question. In the presence of a horsepower. What is electricity, it's 1886!

After ten years. As the seat - still the wooden benches. 1896.

I sometimes think that the late 19th, early 20th century - one of the most interesting moments in human history. Technological revolution has changed much literally unrecognizable. Look at the date of the car on the previous shot. And this beauty came out on the line just five years. And reached a speed of 20 km / h.

The trams of the time wearing the emblem of the city:

A number of flight could be seen proudly at the top.

Some modifications are represented by this small models:

Manufacturer's name, I think, no surprise:

That's because at that time looked like the driver's seat (of course, if you remove the fire extinguisher)

And so - room for passengers:

No, this is not an instrument of torture. Just show your ticket, please!

Neither in the one car in the museum visit, unfortunately, is impossible. Log in or anywhere partitions off the grid, or glass. I, on the one hand, this seems wrong. Because there is no better experience for the visitor of the museum, rather than sit on a wooden bench on which sat genuine passengers of the early 20th century. On the other hand, I suppose, that among the visitors there are certain talents that they want to scribble on the benches of the three-letter word, no matter in what language.

Even the exhibits are located close to each other. So they had to experiment and look for successful angles.

I will make a slight digression from the "tram" theme. Since not only the trams on display at the museum. Guess what kind of monster on the right:

Yes, once traveled to Prague and trolleybuses. And they looked very impressive. The first trolleybus line in left in 1936. And in 1972 the last of them returned to the depot. And do not leave.

And now I would look at a man whose heart will not tremble at the sight of the interior:

Already in these "Ekarusah" It was cold in the winter. And memories all the same there were only warm.

Well, a couple more shots of transport that does not travel on rails.

But back to our bar ... trams. That is so designated stop. The conductor on the other hand moved the arrow hand.

Trams slowly, as moving between stops and gradually changing.

It's already 1951. The car was developed under a license purchased in the U.S..

In place of the wooden benches came leather chairs.

Apparatus for control of tickets.

1955. Such models have already broken up to 65 km / h.

Of course, not only interior, but the cabin looks quite different.

Well, how not to cry. I went in the very young. Model T3 was widespread in the USSR. And, if I remember correctly, she is on the line in some cities so far.

Sentimentality, I could not leave a log entry of the museum. It, incidentally, may sign any visitor. If you pick up a couple of pages back of the Russian alphabet is not found. Leave your comment.

In order to get acquainted with the history of Prague's trams, incidentally, need not attend the exhibition. The first exhibit, I met another stop on the way to the museum, where grafted from one route to another. Such an instance is, of course, goes on Prague streets, but is not available for all passengers. But only for those who are willing to pay separately for the pleasure in it.

For everyone else, have the opportunity to ride a tram, developed several decades ago ...

... or from the comfort of a ride on a modern and elegant model of the tram. But neither is


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