[kl-bogel] Photos of reptiles and amphibians Igor Sivanovicha

Biochemist and photographer Igor Sivanovich spent the last five years, engaging in photographing reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, sizes and colors. Thirty four Igor lives in Wisconsin, USA, and he loves reptiles and amphibians. Igor became interested in these animals five years ago when I bought the wood frog, which became his first model. It is now amphibians are the main object of his photographs.

(20 photos)

1. In the photograph: the horned frog tries to bite Cranwell Igor.

2. The photograph - a Yemeni chameleon.

3. In fact, this tiny hameleonchik not sweet smiles into the camera and trying to scare you! "I followed the development and growth of a chameleon Kinyongia chameleon», said Igor. "They are so courageous, these crumbs! In a few
inches long - and are already trying to attack! "

4. "... But they are absolutely stunning model and great to look in motion."

5. "And they use their tails as another limb." In the photo - two-horned chameleon.

6. On photo - long-nosed horned frogs.

7. "I appeal to their models as equal beings to me" - says the photographer. "So much easier and more interesting to photograph."

8. "Very often I have heard that in my photos looks pretty ugly, but the animals really there's some human traits and characteristics." The photograph - a gecko foot.

9. Igor loves documentary channel BBC documentary filmmaker David Attenborough and the work of artist MC Escher. The photograph - a Chinese water dragon.

10. "I've been doing photography for more than eight years, so that technique mastered to perfection," says Igor. "But I find it more difficult to work with some very finicky or nerve models.

11. "Animal behavior is not entirely unexpected, because useful for some time to observe the animal before his photograph. Some animals, especially chameleons are very susceptible to stress, therefore
they should be especially careful. "

12. When the chameleon gets into a stressful situation, he begins to frantically change color.

13. African dwarf chameleon.

14. Yemen chameleon.

15. Bearded chameleon.

16. Mountain horned dragons.

17. The desert horned lizard.

18. Mountain lizard.

19. Bearded lizard.

20. Biochemist and photographer Igor Sivanovich.

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