[kl-bogel] Pamukkale: white travertine terraces about

Pamukkale - one of the biggest and most famous sights in Turkey. Dazzling white travertine terraces with pools of unusual shape - a very rare and very beautiful geological formation. Terraces of this kind I have seen only here and in Yellowstone. They say something like there are in New Zealand, China and Iran, but I'm not sure that the formation of terraces in all these places is similar.

Pamukkale - a fairly small park on its territory. It is integral with the remnants of the ancient city of Hierapolis , to which, however, many tourists are simply not getting through. Meanwhile, thanks to the hot springs Hierapolis in ancient times was known as a resort town.

Travertine terraces themselves - is the result of centuries-old salt deposits and limestone from calcium rich thermal waters. The water temperature around 35 degrees, is poured from one basin to another - and gradually formed the white stone terraces.

Travertine terraces in Pammukale still really mostly white, although sometimes there is more dark, dirty education. Also in Yellowstone, for example, terraces where a gray appearance. They say now the Turks began strongly protect a unique natural formation: limited access of tourists to the terraces is controlled by the use of thermal waters of nearby hotels.

Travertine look really impressive:

The surface of the terraces, intricately billowy, and the color varies from yellow to completely snow-white:

Sometimes all it seems that it's not snow, not the frosting:

Sometimes even manages to get through the green grass:

The most beautiful places on the terraces - this is where you can see a small step pools with thermal water blue:

Previously, the terraces could easily walk barefoot. But gradually the terraces began to change from snowy white to dirty gray, and a free outdoor festival Turks zapreteli. Guess which language the inscription is duplicated in English?

For those who want not just to look, but also "touch" to the geological wonder of there are two options. The first - a swim in the thermal pool of Cleopatra. This pool is advertised as antique pool of the 2nd century BC, the water which helps to treat cardiovascular disease. I do not know what's with the healing properties of water, but swim in the pool with Roman columns in the water of hot springs and palm trees in the shade - really quite nice.

The second option - a stroll through the travertine terraces themselves, but only in specially designated place. They say that over time this option finally closed down, and access to own garden will be fully closed:

Willing to walk barefoot on the travertine quite a lot:

At the bottom you can see the lower pool and the hotels of the modern city:

Types of travertine terraces are truly amazing:

Even viewing platforms resemble the travertine:

Another couple of common species:

In the distance one can see Hierapolis:

That's a positive place:

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