[kl-bogel] Opening of the Moscow Planetarium

June 12, 2011, Moscow. Renovated Planetarium opens its doors and invites visitors to take an amazing journey in interstellar space. Completed long-term reconstruction, which was held for 17 years. Now the Moscow Planetarium - is a multifunctional complex that combines the scientific-educational, educational resources and family leisure center, focused on different age groups of visitors.

(50 photos)



2.Vneshny appearance of the building has not changed, the main difference lies in the fact that the historical building raised by 6 meters, it built out to 14,000 feet of new space.

3.Na opening was a lot of kids.


5.Muzey Urania named in honor of the patron of astronomy. Hall 2. There are relief globes of the planets and moons, a unique collection of meteorites and the interactive model of the Solar System. "

6. Sometimes it seems that he had fallen on the set of "Star Wars"!

7. Vacuum bench, with a bell in the fan, the degree of suction is regulated by the buttons, very entertaining!

8.Proektsionny glass screen, the picture hangs in the air.

9.Na entrance is the layout of the planetarium that glows like a rainbow.

10.Plazmennaya bulb - the invention of Nikola Tesla (1894).

11. Stand with static electricity.

12. Very funny stuff makes it through the air flow out of steam, just did a real tornado, only small

13. But here he took the tube and attach to certain points on the globe can hear the radio in the country corresponding to this point.

14. Classic optical illusions and more.

15. Lunarium Hall 1, The exhibition is framed as a space station with the thematic compartments: "The landing on Mars, interplanetary voyage," "Birth of the galaxy, itinerary into infinity."


17. Magnetized beads demonstrate the gravitational interaction between the heavenly bodies.


19. Optical bench, prisms and filters, adults interested in no less than children.

20. Here we must guess the constellation shown by pressing the appropriate buttons, I just resigned my native cells.

21. In the gift shop at the entrance you can buy pieces of meteorites, books, telescopes, souvenirs and even a real space food, the truth of the astronomical prices ...

22. Country projections of the Moscow planetarium sky, the works of Carl Zeiss, vystaleny first time the hall of the museum Urania.


24.Steny represent a interactive exhibits.


26. The lander spacecraft Vostok 3KA-2. March 23, 1961 he made his run with a dummy "Ivan Ivanovich" and the dog asterisk, his successful return to the land paved the way for manned space mission.

27.Evgeny Yurchenko - April 12, 2011 in order to return unit to home bought it at auction Sotheby's.

28. Ilya Lagutenko, congratulated the opening of the planetarium.


30. Grand opening after 17 years of renovation took place.

31. Museum's collection of meteorites containing 113 specimens of extraterrestrial matter!

32. Model of the solar system on a button you can get information on a particular planet.



35. Give me a place to stand ...)

36. Exhibits from the museum collection Planetarium ...


38.Sobiratelny image of the medieval astronomer, and a large collection of astronomical instruments of antiquity ...

39.Proektor sky worked from 1977 to 1994.

40. Lamp and the optics of the projector 1929.


42.Esche to new areas appeared 4d kinotaetr.


44.Lagutenko with his wife generate a cloud.

45.Na this stand you can find your weight under gravity of different planets in the solar system.

46. CEO of administering a planetarium, answered questions from journalists, had promised mugs for kids of all ages provsetitelskuyu work and other pleasures.


48. The heart of the planetarium, the new projector "Universarium M9. It consists of 32 projectors showing 9,100 twinkling stars. The device allows the maximum possible at the moment up to simulate a real kind of celestial and astronomical phenomena in the time interval 10 000 years.

49. The entire system is controlled with a small plate lying on the table

50. Well, actually a big star room, though unfortunately without stars! )

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