[kl-bogel] Nasib kanak kanak perempuan di Afganistan.

The story began in 2006 when one German magazine gave permission for filming in a few Afghan families where there was little girls brides.

In 2007 - the photos appear here, but now suddenly the story will be continued ...

Now 16letnyuyu Madzhabin Mohammed photographed in one of the rooms. set aside for soldiers on temporary American base. In general there, to where the girl was able to reach. Madzhabin, which was once lost in the card and took to wife 55letny fiance, was severely beaten all the household, after which the entire back was covered with deep scars. After the last beating the girl broke down and ran away from home. Position Madzhabin - badly. For parents, whom she and so is not needed, it can not go, and her husband - would kill. On the basis of the girl has no right to remain ...

Photo Madzhabin begin with 4 photos, a gallery of their new images.

Ghulam Haider (right), only 12 years old. On the left sits her husband (41) - Mohammed Faiz.

Muhammad's family and her classmates got together to celebrate such a joyous event in the life of Ghulam as engagement. Her father was not happy with all that is happening, but it has nothing to do. For a girl offering a good reward.

Ghulam naturally delighted.

Madzhabin Mohammed (left), 13, sits next to her husband and his first wife.

Incidentally, the girl lost the card.

Picture of 2008, on a temporary U.S. base.

Roshan Kasim (right), 12. She joined the family of Saeed (55 years), in which apart Said, his first wife and four children.

All desires are usually ignored and the girl, her marriage, will end its "independent" life.

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