[kl-bogel] Nambung National Park Western Australia

In Western Australia we flew for one of Australia's natural wonders - Pinnacle (The Pinnacles). In past trips we have not had time to see them, but here there was a very handy promotional fares to Perth for just U.S.%), however, experience has shown that fly "Tiger" - is always a lottery, sometimes you lose more than win. But we have at this time about luck.

Pinnacle are 200 with some kilometers north of Perth in the Nambung National Park great. This year, on the west coast opened a new express road - Indian Ocean Drive, which is touted as the "West Australian Great Ocean Road». In fact, nothing particularly beautiful in it there, but to the Pinnacles Desert is now possible to domchatsya just a couple of hours.

Actually, Pinnacle - these are the limestone columns of various shapes and sizes. A lot of them, the whole a thousand, and they occupy considerable space - the eye does not reach.

Until the middle of last century, the desert of Pinnacle few people knew too great Australian outback to the white settlers managed to explore all its nooks and a half centuries. So that this natural phenomenon - one of the "young", as in the opening time and at their own age. On the Origin of Pinnacle scientists still argue.

But, whatever may have been different versions, all agree on one thing: once these bizarre columns were hidden deep in the sand, and then they were "unearthed" the wind. There is speculation that the underground is still a lot of Pinnacle, which will replace the current over several hundred years.

Maybe this one sand mound - one of the stages of birth Pinnacle?

Limestone - very brittle and loose material. On the tops of Pinnacle are often formed recess, and desert birds arrange their nests there. We, however, come across evidence of a host of birds:)

Sometimes there are holes in the column. This, in my opinion, the most spectacular of all natural sculpture park Nambung.

For the convenience of visitors in the park is laid chetyrehkilometrovaya ring road for cars. I steer her by%) Feelings are unusual, especially when you have to literally squeeze between the limestone giants.

Curiously, only a few tens of kilometers from these beauties can be seen from the dunes of white (quartz) sand - right in the middle of the steppe.

In general, around the Pinnacle there are many other interesting places that are not as advertised. But about them I will next time.

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