[kl-bogel] Mobile banking services in South Africa

With a few clicks of the buttons on mobile phones, poor South Africans - who had never had bank accounts! - Can now withdraw money and replenish their accounts using the services of the owners of roadside stores.

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1. Mistress of the shop and client make a bank transfer via mobile phones in Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. People believe that this method is safer than use an ATM, which can "eat" the card or so which can be attacked by robbers.

2. Bank employees Standart Bank draw up bank accounts for low-income residents. Bank in its work began to focus on attracting customers into the ranks of the poor inhabitants of the city with the help of mobile banking.

3. People are now able to withdraw cash and deposit funds in local stores, all transactions are stored in the memory of their mobile phones.

4. Since its official opening last year, the bank Standart Bank opened more than 8300 "banking points in street shops, cafes and pubs. By the end of this year, Standart Bank plans to create a total of 10,000 bank outlets throughout South Africa.

5. In total about 15 million people living in South Africa do not have bank accounts. This represents about 30 percent of the population. But now they have the opportunity to save money and to withdraw cash.

6. These "mobile" account bank opens for free, but some fees for banking transactions and transfer funds.

7. Employee of the bank checks the customer's data. It is estimated that the number of those who can afford to spend the day between $ 2 to $ 10 in South Africa about 300 million people. Almost the same figure bankers fixed in the population of China and India.

8. Hostess store commits the transaction using a mobile phone.

9. Mobile banking services in South Africa offered by all four big banks of the country. During the period from July 2009 to June 2010 the number of customers using mobile banking has increased by 21%.

10. The number of users of mobile services in Africa has increased to 90 million in 2005 to approximately 333 million in 2010, according to a United Nations report. It also contributes to the popularity of mobile banking.

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