[kl-bogel] 'March of the whores' in London (15 photos)

In fact on Saturday we went not only to the naked bike ride, but on another similar event in the same place and at the same time. And just arrived in time belkus photo essay and article on the site even more expensive edition.
By the way, based on the comments of the previous post I would like to note the following. We fully support freedom of speech but do not like assholes. So if you are going to post it comments in the spirit of the women fools, "" what a nightmare, all urodki "or" quite blunt Pindos mad poshodili, it is better to rasfrenzhivayte us, or do not blame me if the ban. Thank you for your understanding.
So, on Saturday 11 June in London - as in many other cities around the world - has passed the so-called "March of whores" (SlutWalk). Women of all ages and the attractiveness of, and not only women who protested against the reckless comments by some politicians and public figures about whether you want to blame the rape victim that she improperly dressed. More information about this - in the note above, and then you can find some pictures of the march.

No - it means no!

Girls in a very bold attire:

And not only girls, incidentally. The inscription on the placard: "If I do not suggest themselves, why is it?"

OMG, it's Schwarzenegger!

Anonymus, too, disapproves of violence:

And Cupid frustrated by these figures:

If a woman is beautiful and the bed is hot, it does not mean anything, you randy dog!


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