[kl-bogel] Loire Castles

Loire Castles built or rebuilt during much of the French Renaissance, a time when the French kings lived on the banks of the great river, its tributaries or near them. The Loire Valley is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. And we go on tour with the LJ-user antonovjj .

(33 photos)

1.Ehali in Paris we have to visit Paris and Disneyland, no sightseeing, shopping, etc. our plans are not included, but in fact turned out differently. On the way from the airport to the hotel we were asked about VIP tour of the castles of the Loire. Price usual, but people 4 people here are so lucky.

2. All locks, and their 42 things we would not physically visit had and does not smolgi, most of them closed to tourists, we only visited three. The first was - Chenonceau. When approaching a lock to go through a long avenue with old plane trees

3. On both sides of the castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens. On one side are the gardens of Catherine de 'Medici



6. On the other - the gardens of Diane de Poitiers


8. Chenonceau Castle - one of the most famous and beautiful in France.


10. That's how it looked in the old days.

11. It can be called Castle ladies. At the box-shaped ceiling of the XVI century coats of arms of the five queens, who lived in the castle for 400 years.

12. Catherine de 'Medici Bedroom

13. The castle - a complex of buildings that includes a fenced area, the building of the castle, farm buildings and for ancillary personnel.
Walk into the territory


15. Farm.




19. After graduating from Chenonceau go to Amboise

20. Amboise - a medieval castle, which is being completed partly in the style of the Renaissance

21. Next to the castle is the Chapel, the burial place of Leonardo da Vinci

22. Also on the grounds of the castle is his bust

23. Inside the castle is not so beautiful. All furniture is made in the Gothic style, the walls do not hang


25. The high arched ceilings - a symbol of the Gothic

26. From the roof of the castle offers wonderful views of the River Loire

27. And the gardens


29. Lebanese Cedar


31. And the last one in that day for us was the castle of Chambord, who visit us do not have time, but just walked through the territory of

32. Chambord - the largest of all the Loire chateaux and undoubtedly one of the most recognizable

33. The name of the architect is unknown, but studies show participation in the project Leonardo da Vinci, who was at that time, an architect at the court of King Francis

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