[kl-bogel] Latihan sambut roket hamas di israel.

In Israel these days are an annual large-scale exercises to prepare the home front. According to the scenario in the early hours of the war in northern and central regions of the country will fall hundreds of rockets. Under fire will be the Haifa port and the airport Ben Gurion. In the hospital will be delivered to more than 500 people, tens of thousands of North and Central will attempt to go south. Economic activity, it would be completely paralyzed.

Today, the exercises were involved the whole population. Twice, morning and evening, all over Israel will hear a siren warning of rocket attacks. In the towns in southern Israel shortly after the first siren sounded the second. Press Service of the Israel Defense Forces said that the error occurred.

By the way, is to work out an option when these happen, that's wrong. Nothing prevented the terrorists fire on the city immediately after the first siren. No one will run to bomb shelters, as could reasonably assume that this is another mistake of the military.

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